Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm Still Waiting

I can't remember when it was that Rick left but it sure is nice having the peace and quiet. I see Dyer has gone on to other things...things that might be a bit over his head but I suppose there is no harm in reporting current affairs.

Not too long ago Rick sent me a poorly constructed C&D letter and he opened a fundraiser so he could come to Canada and sue me. Well, where is he? I've been waiting for him to show up (not really) so we can settle the matter.

I've been waiting for the police (not really) to come knocking at my door but they haven't shown up either. I wonder why nobody has come to drag me off to court. I'll tell you why. It was all bullshit. The entire story was made up so Rick could fleece a few more pieces of silver from his "friends". What a nice friend Rick is, parting people of their unwanted money.

I know he never intended on coming here and that's quite obvious from his back to back to back videos on different subjects. I have no idea how he plans on making money from this but at least it's keeping him occupied.

Nothing new has come to light yet. Musky and the FB/FB boys have scattered away with not so much as a peep. That's backbone for you.

As far as I know, Dyer only has Fricke left from TT. The rest are silent or they too have slithered off to the shadows.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dyer Consequences - Continued

I noticed the previous blog post had a lot of interest, so I'm carrying it over. This should give all of you more room to talk about the latest development.

There isn't anything new right now, it looks like Rick is keeping to his word for now.

Let's just remember the main players in this two year old game and not worry so much about the people that got caught in Dyer's sites.

I see the main players as Rick Dyer, Musky Allen and the boys from FB/FB. Musky and FB/FB gave this hoax the legs it needed to continue on as far as it did. We knew it was a hoax from day one but trying to convince others of that proved to be a huge challenge. Musky and FB/FB didn't make it easy for us, so let's not forget their roles in this farce.

 Many people hold Morgan Matthews accountable to a certain degree, and I don't really blame them. On the other hand, he is a film maker doing his job. Maybe one day Mr. Matthews will tell us what really happened.

Rick ruined reputations and committed fraud. This should not go unpunished.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dyer Consequences : A Bigfoot Tracker News Exclusive

Things aren't looking so good for Rick Dyer right now. We know for a fact that PayPal and at least one financial institution are interested in the whereabouts of the self admitted liar and hoaxer.

Bigfoot Tracker News has been fortunate enough to receive and report on quite a few exclusives, and we are grateful for that. This next exclusive comes to you courtesy of Andrew and Lynk.

   Remember when Andrew said Rick had gone in to his email, deleted a bunch of files and then changed the password?

While Dyer was busy messing with Andrew's email, Rick also deleted business emails that were personal to Andrew and Rick also deleted one very important document...except he forgot ONE.

We have been aware of this for a long time but we couldn't report on it because we didn't have anything to back it up.

Now we do, and we will present it here.

This is the document Rick missed during his deleting spree.

At the time this was all we had to go on. Without more information we didn't feel we could go ahead with reporting this news.

Since the release of 'After The Shot', there are a few people who are not happy that their images were used without permission or compensation, and more importantly, lies were told about the individuals.

When Lynk said Rick should have left sleeping lions alone, he wasn't kidding. Last night I received supporting documentation to back up the first loan agreement.

At the request of Andrew and Lynk, I have redacted any information pertaining to the identity of the investor or investors. I will neither confirm or deny their identity or identities. I made a promise, so please don't ask me.

The next document is a revised version of the first agreement.

I'm not sure where this one fits in, maybe it's a quick first draft, give all of the "ASAP", but that's a guess.

 Next we have a more formal document, complete with legalese.

These are the last two.

 After you read these, you will notice some heavily inflated prices for many items. There are also big price tags for things that were not even purchased, such as security, conference room, car rental, hotel rooms etc.

Rick obtained this (these) loans based on absolutely false information. He committed fraud...on a much larger scale than misrepresented DVDs, PayPal refunds and bank issues.

I fail to see how this is within the confines of the law.

Rick isn't hiding from "haters", "stalkers", or "vandals". Our guess is he is hiding from the debts he owes.

If this is finishing "on top", I'd hate to see what constitutes an epic fail.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Response to Accusations and Lies in the “After the Shot” DVD

A few days ago Andrew sent me a message letting me know he and others were preparing a rebuttal against Rick Dyer and contents of the DVD, 'After The Shot'. It appears that Dyer made some choice edits and presented certain things out of context, according to Andrew Clacy, Lynk Paul and Dale Boswell.

  I speak to Andrew the most and he has always been forthright with me and his story has never changed, even the tiniest of details remain the same.
   Dale is a good hearted soul and he has a hard time saying anything bad about anyone, including Rick Dyer but he does corroborate Andrew and Lynk's comments.
   I have never had the opportunity to talk to Lynk, or Craig Phillips. I would really like to hear what Craig has to say now that Rick threw him under the bus as well.

Here are their statements in it's entirety. It's a long read but it's worth it if you have been following this saga for any length of time.

 Response to accusations and lies in the “After the Shot” DVD recently released.

(Lynk) First of all, after we exposed the hoax and clarified all the lies made by only one despicable human being, with no proof and no one to back up said lies, I didn’t think I would have to get involved with this again.  We all turned away from this and are in the process of either moving on with our lives or trying to rebuild it. I hope that whoever gets the exclusive on this can spread it all over in order to bury him once and for all.

It seems that dyer couldn’t just run away and hide; he had to continue to run his mouth and keep spewing lies and accusations about former TT members, and our immediate families, to his four or five supporters. I don’t really give a shit about anyone who would choose to believe a word he has to say after we all released statements about what really happened and the truth behind the lies.
We do not need to respond to anything but when certain lines are crossed and people are being harassed in their personal and professional lives, even their businesses are threatened, something MUST be done to put an end to this and an end to him once and for all.

Once again, “FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT”, Andrew Clacy, TT members, nor I had any knowledge that this was all a hoax. We were not “in on the whole thing” as claimed by this lying sick sack of shit. We only tried to help this individual based on the evidence at the time as well as the parties involved. After all, if the Bigfoot experts say that it was real, who are we to say otherwise?

(Andrew) On top of that, he needed us to believe in it so we would do "our jobs", which we did. He took advantage of our nature. It's the art of a con man to make people believe what they want to believe and we all wanted to be part of something great, not some hoax.

(Lynk) I have watched the latest DVD titled “After the Shot”, which by its very existence and delivery to the people who purchased it, IS OUT RIGHT FRAUD. Nothing in there is what was promised and there are many who have documented his promises and were waiting to see if he would deliver on them, Including all of us. We warned people about this and we were made out to be liars. We were in his house when we found out that there was no Bigfoot shot nor was there any footage and he just wanted to go back to San Antonio to recreate the scene.

We refused and insisted that he refund everyone their money and he refused, saying that he would give them what HE wanted and they will just have to take it, justified by his claims that Bigfoot was not real and he can’t get into trouble nor was it fraud to sell DVD’s with anything relating to Bigfoot, even if it was not what people paid for. That coming out of the mouth of the person who claimed he shot THREE. We tried to help people by informing them of what was going on and I hope that they all get together to get their money back.

(Andrew) He asked Lynk & I directly to edit the video, he wanted to shut the people up who purchased it. When we refused he got very angry. We kept pushing him to provide us with evidence from the day. He could not produce anything but anger, every time we asked for it. Still there is not one shred of evidence that anything really happened.

(Lynk) Seeing that he wants to play nasty, maybe we should release the documentary called “The real Rick Dyer” which contains all the things which we have not made public to date. Unfortunately we won’t be embellishing anything. The sick details would all be true, and we don’t have to lie about anything just to make him look like bad, he does that all on his own. He had a golden opportunity to run away and hide but he chose to stay in the limelight that he craves like the attention whore he is. He constantly tries to defame the characters of good people who tried to help him, but he will soon realize that he brought a knife to an all out gun fight.

(Andrew) Dyer has no conscious, he just makes something up and thinks it's OK to publicly tell people that it happened. It does not work like that. His treatment of the people on the tour was repulsive.

(Dale) True.

(Lynk) He starts off this piece of shit film by indicating that is was made by big lion films which he said publicly on many occasions, he sold that company.  Then the opening scene shows anyone who watches this, just how nasty, ungrateful and maniacal he is by burning a jacket given to him by former TT president, Mr. Dale Boswell, as a gift. Dale has contributed more than most to the team freely and that is the thanks he gets. The moral of that act is: “if you don’t let me use you or you don’t like it you should get out and I will do what I can to tarnish your good name because I am an asshole and I can”. Or so he thinks.

(Andrew) I was there when Dale gave him the jacket, how does someone stoop so low and light it out of pure evil heart? Dale is a billion times the man who RD will ever be.

(Dale) Actually, I did not "give" him the jacket to keep. I intended to take it home with me when I left the bus, but, I was in such a hurry to depart...I accidentally left it on board.

(Lynk) He even included a clip from the footage taken in Mineola, TX, where “HE” invited Craig Woolheater and his Cryptomundo crew, along with Lyle Blackburn, armed with his books for sale in blatant disregard and disrespect for the wishes of the woman who specifically expressed that she was only inviting us and she did not want anyone else on her property or to know what was going on until we investigated. We would eventually find out that although he hates all of the Bigfoot community, he tried to impress them and literally was kissing their asses like a little boy who desperately wanted to join a club and would do anything too.

The next clip is a video he made to indicate that controversy has gotten him more bookings for the tour, which was a lie. He knows very well this fact, and would even go so far as to create his own drama by creating fake FB and YouTube accounts and giving “inside” information to the people who were trying to prove the hoax. They thought they were getting it from then current TT members. This drove his hits which he monetized.

(Andrew) I went public and warned the media and a couple of people, who were about to pay Dyer some money. I was greatly thanked for that. (I have the emails to prove).

(Lynk) Andrew and I worked very hard to get those bookings, that would never have happened otherwise. Every interview he got was because of our reputation and character, because he has none. He would later claim that Andrew did nothing and he got all the interviews and bookings himself, but he could not pick up the phone to make one call. Andrew, with his media and marketing background, made all of this possible. He bought a book of all the media listings in the US and we went to an Office max and printed it out and used it to contact the media. He said that even a monkey could do it. So why didn’t he and his wife do it alone then? Why would he need to have so many talented and professional people around him to get things done?

(Andrew) I have the pay pal receipt to prove I purchased the media book, unlike Dyer's false claim that he purchased it. Dyer was very lazy from beginning to end.

(Lynk) He includes a clip of him hanging the beef ribs and talking about using buck urine, then you see me fire off a round with the 30.06 rifle, just target practice, I never missed. He thought he was teaching me to shoot, the arrogant fool. He would shoot right after me and the rifle would kick back and the scope would cut him on his nose and forehead. What an experienced hunter and marksman he is…LOL. Information would later be fed to Robert Lindsay and others that he got into a fight with Craig and I, that’s why he had those bruises on his face. Just for the record, it would take a hell of a lot to kill me and I assure you, Dyer is far from adequate to accomplish such a feat. We would soon disprove that rumor and disclose the truth behind that lie.

(Andrew) It was funny when Dyer got the kickback in the face from the rifle, we had a good laugh at his expense!

(Lynk) Next we see Andrew saying on camera, “it turns out she does have a problem” which was one of our internal interviews documenting what happened. Then a brief clip of Craig’s interview where he says, “and then the guys made it back”. He has the audacity to claim that this video started with never before seen clips of what happened in San Antonio as per his claim. Again, he has never seen a real Bigfoot in his life much less shot one or two or three. Despite his sad claims, we know for a fact, he never did.

(Andrew) I told Dyer he did not have my permission to use me on his video. All videos that are sold require a talent consent form. He does not have mine or anyone else's written consent, just another illegal thing he's done.

(Lynk) He burns Dale’s jacket, and it just shows you what he does to people when he used them until he has no use of them anymore. Anyone listening to this clown, who doesn’t know him, would tend to feel sorry for this poor guy who was taken advantage of by so many people that’s why he has no friends. Well, all I have to say to such a person is,  go to hell.

Next he rambles on about the 2008 hoax and that the Bigfoot community said he could never hoax again. And he admitted that he hoaxed again, then still go on to lie about shooting a Bigfoot. By the way, he is the only asshole/hunter/Bigfoot tracker who goes into the woods with cowboy boots and hats on. No hunting gear. When not doing things like this for the camera, he spends his days tracking McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and any other fast food place he can get to. He even lies to his wife when she calls him while at one of the venues and claims to be elsewhere. (Andrew - including strip shows and casinos).

I have witnessed his “so called tracking and hunting skills” and he has been weighed and measured and have been found wanting.

The only true statement in this entire video is this: “I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS”, and because he is who he is, he never will. He sacrificed his own children for this hoax, and put them in harm’s way every day because of the number of people he has hurt or caused problems for, anyone of a very long list spanning the US could just walk up to him and put a bullet or a knife in him and walk away. That’s the kind of man, husband and father we are talking about. He lied about someone poisoning their dog when he simply sold the dam dog. Lie after lie, he can’t keep up and keeps tripping over himself.

(Andrew) He promised to me before I left: "Andrew, I would not do this to my family or your family if it were fake... Think about it!" Well he did on both counts, no moral conscious whatsoever.

(Lynk) He keeps claiming that he shot and killed a Bigfoot and he signed NDA’s, which he could NEVER produce to Andrew and ,I nor to the people who he swindled money from. When we insisted and kept pressing for this, he would just threaten to send us home, like if that was going to make us sad…LOL.

(Andrew) I wish he did send us home. It's also important to know that he made some huge written promises to someone who I won't name, just to steal from them. Those promises made me believe that everything was real. You do not make such huge claims in a written contract unless you are a criminal.

(Lynk) Follow J.R. Dobbs’s interviews and pay attention to the interviews with “Jeff” and you will hear some interesting things. If you know him like we know him, you will see that he tried to screw him over too for the role he played in San Antonio. I’m sure he promised to pay him and never did. Now he tries to discredit him.

(Andrew) Typical Dyer, promise the world then throw them under the bus!

(Lynk) This next part of the video is all about him trying to justify and cover up all his lies. Just who the hell does he thinks he is fooling? Well, his four or five supporters anyway. “The people that be” lied to him about release dates and such. There ARE NO SUCH people; he made them up because he does not have to prove they exist. However, he used a lot of people’s names in this hoax and I would like to see them go after him to clear their good names from any association with him. He did take advantage of a situation and blow it out of proportion. He got caught lying and hoaxing and had to make up a new batch of lies to cover his ass. TOO LATE.

(Andrew) Every time he gets caught lying, he just lies more. He tries to deflect what he has done onto other people. Getting caught up in the stuff means he does not have to justify the fact it was all fake, from the beginning. And, we were all set up in TT meetings on hangouts, everything based upon multiple layers of lies.

(Lynk) The fact that I am doing this, is only to help others in their cases legally against him and to shed light on the accusations and fill in some of the blanks that have not been filled in. I traveled over about three quarters of the USA, and the only person who treated me badly and with disrespect was the one I came there to help. Big mistake on his part.

His claim to decide to make a fake Bigfoot in October 2013, was another lie. We would eventually find out that it was his plan all along. Just more lies.

Now this is the part that a man could get killed. Not that I would condone such a thing. I believe that his Karma will be enough satisfaction for me, besides the Bigfoot that he claimed never existed in Mineola, the same ones he shot at and made him quiver like a little girl and piss his pants; has his scent and will be searching for him until they find him. He can go anywhere he wants to, even in a city.

(Andrew) He was such a coward that night. All of us wanted to go back out, but he insisted that we didn't go back out, shaking like a school girl. The bigfoot hunter is a pussy.

(Lynk) Back to the point, he said that he searched through TT to find people who had no life and no money, people who were struggling emotionally and financially to come help him and he mentions Andrew and I. When I heard this it was one of those ROTFLMAO moments. Why you ask? Because the only people who fit those descriptions, were him and his wife.

(Andrew) So true!

(Lynk) For the uninformed, Andrew Clacy is an internet business Marketing manager and has a very successful business, and he has an interest in Bigfoot. So he researches in his spare time. I am a Civil Engineer and a project Planning Consultant and I retired from full time employment or contracted positions with companies. I consult on projects at my convenience and when it is lucrative. I stay at home and look after my kids and the household between projects, a welcomed vacation and I enjoy every minute of it. I too am an avid researcher into all things Crypto zoological and paranormal with Bigfoot heading the list.

Notwithstanding the fantastical claims made by this clown, Andrew and his business was established and doing well. I am happily married with two kids and we are not rich people but we do get along OK. My wife works in the medical Field and Prefers that I stay at home and relax myself and enjoy my retirement. We are both talented in our respective fields and were both international TT members with a lot of credibility and it is not hard for us to command the attention of people and he just wanted to use us for that only so he could get his way.

(Andrew) He needed international people on the bus, so when the going got tough, we could not go home. And when he had full control of the money, it made it hard to do anything. Dale & I wanted to escape for a few nights so we could get out of his eye sight. Everything was done with no praise, no payments just criticism and anger. When Dale asked, Rick blew his top insisting that the roach coach was our home. Yeah, but home using a toilet brush? Or washing your hands! Or cleaning up after yourself? It was a horrible experience. Not to mention the raw sewage he let out on the road, when we were on the highway. It was the most disgusting smell ever. Particularly from a man who takes a shit 4 - 5 times a day.

(Dale) All true. Andrew told me what Dyer would say if I asked to get hotel rooms. Andrew was right, it pissed him off...

(Lynk) We both had a lot of conversations prior to going to the USA, and we had our doubts because we always compared notes. We agreed long before departing from our respective shores that if we found out it was real, we would make sure that the greatest discovery would not be left to a clown like him to bring to the world, but rather ensure that it was done right, and with the right people and organizations involved. We also agreed that if we found out that it was a hoax that we would make sure everyone knew about it. He thought he played us all the time, but we told him what he wanted to hear to gain information and trust.

(Andrew) It did not take me long to dislike him, he just puts people down all the time. It took me awhile to realize the level of lies being told on an hourly basis. 

(Lynk) We had to put this situation to rest one way or another. Andrew was promised that he would always have ample time to work with his clients and maintain his business interests but we were both kept so busy doing random shit, eventually his business started to suffer for it but Andrew will share details of that.

(Andrew) We have a written contact each, (Lynk and I), which he did not take any notice of. Pure theft to expect people to work as much, then not pay them. Before I left I did many things for him (build websites, optimize videos) of which he never paid. I was $10,000 down before the trip started.

(Lynk) There was even a claim that he listened to our conversations over a baby monitor, in the room in which we stayed, but AGAIN, LIES. Besides, how would he hear us whispering over the TV in their room that could be heard in the next State, If he did listen to our conversations, it would not get far, this would all have blown up in his face a long time before. We were up till three in the morning at times comparing notes and the suspicions, and conclusions, we came to. Although we went to the USA based on what evidence was available, we always reserved our total 100% support and belief in all of this until we saw the scientific data, or any credible scientist who would come out in public and confirm any of this, but we were fought every step of the way.
He made so many excuses compounded with more lies it was ridiculous.

(Andrew) He tried to justify his lies with more lies.

(Lynk) He said that he told us what he wanted from us before we got there, and we agreed. The only thing we agreed to was to go to the US to help him. As I mentioned in previous statements, I was told many things and then told that they were all lies and the night that I agreed to come after him begging and pleading and promising a lot of things, he bought the tickets, not with his own money but with money he swindled from someone who invested in his lies. He has no money of his own, lest he scams it out of someone. Andrew was very reluctant to go and I convinced him to go. In hindsight, I regret doing that, but I got to meet and hangout with a great friend, at least something good came out of all that. I only blame 1 person for the hoax.

During this particular part of this bullshit DVD, if he were to say those things to my face, he would not be here to still be talking shit about anyone. He was too much of a coward to even try. He went on to say that Andrew and I made a lot of money for doing absolutely nothing. The vacation of a lifetime, visa's etc.  Our Visa's had nothing to do with him. WELL, let me clarify. Dyer never had any money to pay us. A person who wanted to loan him some money, (who I will not name here), saw the work that we were doing and the despicable situation we were in and decided to give us some money for our time and effort. Also additional money to live with for three months till the alleged Bigfoot body was in their possession, as promised to them by Dyer.

(Andrew) Just look at Dyer's videos, in one, he said he paid me $12,000! In the next he laughs at the fact we were not paid. He cannot keep up with his own lies. That's why he made  a general disclaimer that the story would change, because he knew the level of lies he would have to tell, and he could justify with his BS disclaimer.

(Lynk) He never intended to give them anything. His contract with them expired on June 01 2014 and he never paid them a cent, a sum in excess of US$80,000.00 + interest. We previously stated that what we received we saw as a loan in which we intended to repay. Dyer insisted that all money was to be passed through his wife’s Contreras account in the Bank of America, I guess to show cash flow and to keep his credit intact, NOTHING MORE.

(Andrew) Dyer does everything on haste, money never lasts long with him. Lynk has a copy of the contract, I did but when Dyer took over my gmail account he deleted that and all of his own emails. With good reason too I might add. I was about to expose some of his emails.

(Lynk) He keeps no assets in his name so if he was sued and judgment was brought against him, one couldn’t levy on him. I guess a few people should go visit him at his current or future address, which we have, and give him an old fashion ass whooping! We always know exactly where he is at all times. He can run, but he can’t hide.

(Andrew) Unless he's buying butt plugs in ebay. lol

(Lynk) Dyer has also violated rights and disrespected the personal wishes of the woman who we went to help (in Mineola), and even put her on camera. She and her property are under my protection and I will hold him personally responsible for any harassment, or grief, she incurs from his destructive and selfish actions. This is an unforgivable act and he will be sorry he did that. He crossed a few lines that he should not have crossed.

(Andrew) He does not care about anyone, the most selfish person I have ever met. As soon as he's done with them he throws them under the bus, he's too weak to own up for what he did. And, it is worse than what's written here.

(Lynk) Merchandise sent back home to our families?? Money in our pockets???  Trips to the Hoover dam???  I will speak for myself; I bought stuff with my own money and sent it to my family, money that was given directly to us as payment for our time and service, by the party who loaned him money. Andrew and I, again, with our own money, visited the Hoover dam while Dyer and family were at Disney land in Los Angeles, spending all the money which he claimed to have given us. Even if we had gotten any such money, it would have been what we brought in and earned. The lazy son of a bitch just spent most of his time on his phone or computer adoring himself, or fueling the chaos he created.

(Andrew) He got a payment that I made him from a TV station, he was meant to share it, but he kept it all. There were many times I had to loan him money. He just blows it all the time.

(Lynk) He said the problem occurred when we didn’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars!!! Andrew and I warned him that the tour was never going to work, that is was not feasible. The people who invested money told him that they did not want it on tour, but the jackass kept insisting that we go on tour. Everything that he was doing was for that. He picked Daytona Bike week and as a planner and Andrew being a marketing guy, we told him that it was the wrong venue and the wrong demographic, but all he wanted to do was go to the water parks. He lies so much, it’s a miracle that he can stand. But when you stand on lies, you fall even harder.

(Andrew) We did not want him to buy the roach coach, either. No one wanted to be under his scrutiny for that long. But, what we all did not see was the fact you can't cash in hotel stays after you've finished. He cashed in the roach coach (it did not belong to him), and kept the money.

(Lynk) He would behave like a little child throwing a tantrum when people didn’t want to book us. We were in negotiations with at least three groups, who were willing to put out large sums of money to promote this, if it was real. He disrespected these people, and all they asked for to proceed, was the proof, and scientific data. Andrew and I asked him for it almost every day so we could make it a grand event, if it were real. We eventually realized that there was nothing when he turned down $100,000.00, 500,000.00 and 20,000,000.00 to go on tour, with the pathetic excuse that he wanted to take it to the people.

(Andrew) He gave us a week to plan the tour that no one wanted to do. That sort of tour requires 3 -6 months pre-planning. And, if no one wanted to book him, he blew his top. Why didn't he just pick up the phone once and try? Because he knew it was all fake.  the pressure he put us under, (now I know the truth) the late night meetings were under the premise that he had a real Bigfoot. If I knew what was going on, I would taken a lot of damning photos and video.

(Lynk) The date for the press conference came and went and nothing but another excuse and more lies. All this time he claimed that he was NOT in control, now he says that it's up to him whether it comes out or not, and he wanted to continue the tour regardless. He tried to change it to the Believe it or not tour is order to escape punishment. Maybe the people at Ripley’s should look into that for copyright infringement. I mean how dumb does he think Americans are?

He is so willing now to mention Chris Russel.  Like it was nothing. I remember the night he got the call from Chris, who he told us at the time, was his scientist (friend of Lily's Louis from Mexico) friend and the haters had found out who he was and his location. He said that the person told him that he did the taxidermy on the body and that it was switched out for a fake one. We stopped the bus and he pretended to go look, fake surprise look on his face and all. We were not sure 100% and decided that after our gig at the gun and knife show in Paris, TX, we would take a close look and if we determined it was indeed a fake, we would roll it out of the trailer, set it on fire, and just say that it was taken from us, to save ourselves from being part of a hoax after all this time.

(Andrew) It was never taken out of the box. I wish it was.

(Lynk) The three of us went up to Spokane, we dropped off Andrew at a local superstore and headed to Russel’s house. We picked up the prop and headed back for Andrew. (Again, He said that Andrew was in on it the whole time but he wouldn’t let him go pick up the “body”.) He is starting to sound like Frank now. The excuse he used in the video was a lie. Can’t make up his mind on what the truth is. I was under the impression that he was going to show people what it looked like till the press release when the real body was to be released. That thing was not supposed to be taken on tour as the real thing. None of us would have willingly agreed to that.

(Andrew) If I was in on it, why did he drop me off at Wal-Mart? Why did Chris Russell not see me there? I was told that I did not have the clearance to enter the facility. He needed me to believe as long as I could. Him saying I knew from the start is 100% lies to discredit me and the truth that I have told about him. Why did he make such slanderous blog posts without any facts about me? Because I told the truth and the best he could do was to either twist the truth into something nasty, or just make stuff up about me.

(Lynk) BOO HOO…he thought he could trust us, he thought we were his friends, money rules everything as he soon found out. Hahahahah…Isn’t it funny, those words coming from the one who betrayed us, NO WONDER WHY HE HAS NO FRIENDS AND NEVER WILL EVER AGAIN. As I recall, he was the one who took all the money and spent it on what he wanted, never gave us anything and is still trying to scam people. You see one person couldn’t bust this hoax, it took a team effort, but it was done.

(Andrew) I read that 95% of people that know Dyer end up hating him. I think it's higher than 95%. One day in Galveston, after him having breakfast with a woman, Lynk (was in Mineloa) called and I refused to put the conversation on speaker, so Dyer snatched the phone out of hands. When we got back to the roach coach his outburst of anger had to be seen to believed. That I was more loyal to Lynk and not him. His anger is very much out of control and can not go a day without an explosion.

(Lynk) I lost a lot of good friends due to him and his nasty ways. Some of those friends got hurt in the process and I promise he will pay for all of their misery and heartache. I would strongly suggest that he disappear completely as soon as possible to avoid what’s coming.

He goes on to say that we miserably failed to get venues and he had to step in and talk to people???   Yeah right!!!...If he could talk to people, we would not need to be in the US doing all the work. What he failed to mention is that people wanted to book us, but needed more lead time. You see if he had any sense about these things, or how things work outside the world of lies and deceit, he would know better.  We didn’t make $1,000.00 at Amarillo, it was more like $800.00 and he took all of it and we never saw it. I guess we were lucky to have even gotten a meal sometime during the late hours of the night.

(Andrew) He just keeps digging his hole.

(Lynk) Andrew and I never got any money from Dyer (cash in advance), that would imply that he had money. He had already been caught saying that we never got any money, that’s why we were disgruntled, then he said that we were paid, lies after lies. He was the only one who thought Daytona was going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars as he was the only one to assume this. I asked him by what means did he use to calculate such a sum and he could never answer. Let’s get real, the only thing he cared about was making money to bring his family down first class and take them to the water park, nothing more.

(Andrew) And meeting women on the trip.

(Lynk) There is another bullshit lie about Craig hitting a bump and the case was opened, and we can all tell it was fake. We all decided what we were going to do after the Paris show and the next morning he got up and decided that we all decided to go on with the show as if nothing had happened, Boy he was so wrong. We told him that we all had a discussion and we already decided what we were going to do and we were going to do that. So he then decides it is now going to be a circus side show.  None of us agreed.

(Andrew) We told him we wanted a meeting but he refused it. He knew we were going to ask some tough questions.

(Lynk) In Paris at the gun show, he spent an awful long time inside the gun show and knowing what I know now, I’m willing to bet that he paid that guy to pretend to be a doctor and told him what to say so he could get it in film. The individual never gave his name nor did he provide any evidence of his profession as a doctor, no card or anything. The funny thing is that Paris was not scheduled on our route, and he insisted on going there because he heard it was a Bigfoot hot spot. He always wanted to go back and shoot one but now he says that I was the one who wanted the glory of shooting one. Little did he know, I would never allow him to shoot one unless our lives were in danger, but who am I kidding, he would only try to save himself and leave us to die as evidenced by his actions in Mineola. Read it all in the book soon. I had to watch this despicable video twice to make these comments so it makes me more determined to bury him.

(Andrew) The guy (doctor) was very convincing, but Dyer barked at us not to reveal we were in Paris or talk about the doctor. At the time I was so tired that I did not have enough energy to care.

(Lynk) By the way, the Alamo Draft house did not call and ask if we had a movie to play. He was the one who told them that he would get a copy of "Shooting Bigfoot" for them, and failed to do so. Incidentally, as we would soon find out, he had it planned all along to do a recreation in San Antonio and our stop in Paris was just icing on the cake. He said that we didn’t have anything to do so we wanted to get to San Antonio early. Another lying time, he said that we were booked up and we, (Craig and I), didn’t want to continue with the tour, that we just wanted to get off the bus. He said that Andrew and I knew that the only reason that we went to Mineola was to make that movie, nothing but a lie again. The book will be out soon and you can read about why I went there and you will even hear it from the woman that we went there to help.

(Lynk) He would go on in the film, from here, to say that nothing really happened in Mineola, that he just made it all up to give us a "Bigfoot experience". Now the majority of the film was the recording of them at the First Draft House show, where he would continue to lie again with every word that proceeded out of his mouth. A filthy stinking lie. He can’t even edit his own lies to make himself look good. He mentions that he left two of his guys back at Mineola to protect the woman there, and we called him on the phone and told him about all the crazy Bigfoot activity that was going on. So which is it Dyer/liar????

(Andrew) When I said on the video that this woman has a problem, I was referring to the Bigfoot. He said it was him who threw stones on the bus. A bit hard when you are in the bus all night texting Robert Lindsey. Dyer was the mole. He blamed other people for tipping Robert.

(Lynk) He gets to some clips from Mineola. I will describe what is happening as it’s shown. You see the stupid idiot running in the direction he fired off a shot in. Which experienced hunter runs off in the dark after an animal he just shot much less a Bigfoot with others around? Only one idiot. He said that Andrew, Craig and I decided to go on a Bigfoot hunt. That’s a lie. That’s what he came there for. That’s why he bought the gun (half my money) and the three boxes of rounds. You see him here running around a goat house, no round chambered and seeing something around the corner with Andrew right behind him and I’m just off to Andrew’s right with the light. He is startled and backpedals and tries to chamber a round. If something came around that building I would be in its path. Not to mention the huge one behind me just off to my right.

I didn’t see it but from the vantage point of Craig and the woman, they caught a glimpse of it. It would be seen in a sketch that Craig did. He said he hoaxed us and made us believe that we were being attacked by Bigfoot. As I recall, none of us were sweating like a horse nor did any of us suffer from the effects of infrasound nor did we pee ourselves. He goes on to say that he threw washers on the bus. Although he is lying again, all the details will be out soon about this incident. Last I will add his comment about me wanting to shoot the Bigfoot. I stayed because I promised that woman that we would come there and would not leave till her problem was solved. Not come and raise a hornets’ nest and then try to run away. We stayed to keep that woman alive which is more than I can say for that sorry sack of shit.

I think I have said enough. He did say some nasty things about a couple others like Dale and Craig but I will leave it up to them to give their account. He said that Craig was a leech and just wanted to stay and take advantage of that woman, all lies, I know, I was there. He had some bad things to say about Dale too. But you couldn’t ask for a better, kinder friends than Dale and Robin Boswell.
That's true. Very loyal people (Dale & Robin)

Anything after Mineola, I would leave it up to Andrew, Dale and Musky to tell. However at the end he claimed that Andrew stole money, a phone and a Rolex. All lies. First of all he can’t afford a Rolex. The phones were bought with our money that he never gave to us. Over US$80,000.00 in cash and assets all in his name and income made in excess of 60,000.00 or more, he kept it all. I hope he keeps some for some lubricant in jail.

(Andrew) After Mineola, he was depressed because everyone left him. Then I got the media going and he picked right up. He thought he was a star. He did none of the work. Dale & I worked at least 17 hour days for 3 days in a row, we were spent.

The best day I had after that was when Dale & I went to NASA. RD was not there and we were really enjoying being out of his ridicule. Dale was great, I was so glad he came to help. When Dale's wife got sick, we dropped Dale off in Alabama. In Rick's eyes Robin was faking it to get Dale back. It was nothing like that.

We went to a flea market, and he made $10 in 2 hours, so he left. With no other venue to go to. The crowds came into the market an hour after we left, but he was always impatient.
He met his daughter he hadn't seen for 7 years in Georgia. I have never heard a father have such conversations with a daughter. When he reads this, he'll know exactly what he said to her and how in appropriate it was.

There is much more I can say, but the man lied to protect his marriage and his false bigfoot claims. Why after all this time has not one photo of the day ever surfaced? ... Because it never happened.

(Lynk) ONCE AGAIN, there is nothing than can be said by this lying son of a bitch that should be listened to. One thing, we all can back up each other with the facts of what happened. He has no one to back up a word he says.
He should have let sleeping lions lay in peace.

(Andrew) Many people questioned if I did a good job, Dyer says publicly I did not. You can see in late March I was still unsure what the hell went on, asking questions about hair etc, he also admits he can't make a phone call, yet he has posted he did all the work. We will let you make your minds up all the former TT or Dyer.: From facebook chat

Rick Dyer
That's very sad
I'm driving the bus bro

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 2:45pm
Andrew Clacy
you threw yourself with the choices
you made
3/25, 2:45pm

Rick Dyer
I've never been under the bus
Every decision I made was done for Reason

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 2:47pm
Andrew Clacy
I don't understand where the body is, why you'll never get it
I don;t understand a lot
I don't understand why you got a fake made
3/25, 2:48pm

Rick Dyer
I have no idea what you're talking about

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 2:49pm
Andrew Clacy
your choices
3/25, 2:49pm

Rick Dyer
I know that I improved to peoples lives
Take money out of the equation everybody's happy

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 2:49pm
Andrew Clacy
I just hope the real one comes out one day
3/25, 2:50pm

Rick Dyer
Bigfoot will be proven soon...
Just so sad that you wont be here too feel the glory

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 2:51pm
Andrew Clacy
well you promised I would, but I don't believe it
3/25, 2:51pm

Rick Dyer
I still love you Andrew

Rick Dyer
You did an excellent job
With what you hade
Always said that

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 2:58pm
Andrew Clacy
but you only needed us because it wasn't real, if it was real you would not have needed us.
I left the media contacts for you
if I was a total arse I would have thrown it away
3/25, 2:59pm

Rick Dyer
You know I don't call anyone
We will stick to the fares no media needed
No one believed it anyway except kids

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 3:00pm
Andrew Clacy
is the scan before the hair was glued on? Or is it real?

Rick Dyer
3/25, 3:01pm
Rick Dyer
You can think what you think I guess I have to treat you like a hater unfortunately
That's very unfortunate never you would do that very disappointed
But you live and learn

Andrew Clacy
3/25, 3:02pm
Andrew Clacy
Rick did you treat me well?
be honest?
did you keep your promises to me?
3/25, 3:03pm

Rick Dyer
You didn't give me a chance to keep all my promises
If you would have just left kept your mouth closed
Then you would have read the benefits


As you can see his public slander of me is no congruent with his public slander. I will let you all make your minds up who to believe. There is more coming.

The subject of the video is 100% slander and full of many false accusations. Anyone who knows an attorney who can help please contact us. We do not this to continue. Together we all stand as one.

(Dale) Every event described above, in which my name was mentioned, was told truthfully, and accurate. Although I was on the tour for just a few days, I saw this nasty side of Rick Dyer, both physically and emotionally, that was despicable, selfish, and criminal. Ironically, for once in his life, if only for a few short months, Rick Dyer did in fact have some true friends. He blew it.

I have prepared a PDF file if anyone wishes to download it and save it to their files.
Here is the link:  PDF Statement

These three men have come forward and explained as well as they can what happened during the failed Bigfoot tour and they have explained what Rick produced in his 'After The Shot' DVD. The DVD that was supposed to contain 45-50 minutes of clear footage of a real dead Bigfoot.

  The DVD contained no such footage.

What I would really like to know is, where is Musky Allen? We have not heard so much as a peep out of him since the tour went sideways. Out of the people involved in this, I never expected that Musky would fade in to the shadows. I expected something from him...anything, even if it was a bullshit statement.

Curiously, Rick Dyer never threw Musky under the bus full force. I wonder why, don't you?

Musky and I have butted heads a lot but we have remained somewhat civil to each other. If he's reading this and he ever wants to tell the details from his perspective, he knows how to contact me.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Rick's GoFundMe Lies

In my previous blog post, I said I had more to add regarding Dyer's latest hollow threats. He usually does these a few times a year when he gets his panties in a twist. Sometimes it coincides with him "leaving the community" or "stepping down", and sometimes it doesn't.

Right from the start, I and many others looked at Rick's latest attempt at gaining sympathy (and donations) as nothing more than a tool for him to deflect the real issues. He got caught in more serious lies, so he made up more lies.

In his video for pleas of monetary help, Rick grossly exaggerated his claims. Yes, I posted pictures of his house and that isn't against the law. What I did NOT do, according to Rick, was post his address.
Dyer goes on to say things were scratched. What things? He said windows were smashed. What windows? Where are the photos? Police report?

I won't get in to the rest of it...unless Rick forces me to. Here is the video of him acting so serious.


The main point of this post is not what he says in the video, it's what he says after and or during this donations farce.  Mr. Nice Guys must have money to burn because they donated $2,500 to Rick's bogus campaign of nothing-but-more-hot-air.

These people keep falling for everything Rick says as if it's the gospel. Can none of these people think for themselves or perform simple Google searches to test Rick's outlandish claims?

What happened to the big tough guy who likes to bully around people? This is what happens when his scare tactics and tough guy routine don't work. He runs away and hides. That's fine with me though, at least I don't have to see his fat melon on YouTube or listen to his mindless drivel.

Rick made a claim so I have every right to refute it, and prove it's wrong....actually...it's a lie...again. No surprise there.

Rick said this and I wish he'd get a spelling app or a dictionary...something.

Did he mean the City of Calgary? If so, the mayor hasn't sent me any memos. Did he mean the police? If so, they likely don't care or can't do anything about it. OR, it's not a matter for a city police force. So far no cops have come banging on my door. I'm still waiting from the last three or four times the police were supposed to come-a-running to get me.

Then we have this masterpiece of utter bullshit.

Ricky was doing a half-assed job up until this point, then the under achiever in him took over. Dyer states an attorney reviewed the case and agreed to take it pro bono. Right here is the tip of the iceberg that puts a hole in Rick's fantasy.
I highly doubt a lawyer would take on a case from a foreigner that he or she could not possibly win in civil court.
This is the kicker and proof Rick made up the entire story in order to get hugs and money. WHY would a lawyer take on a case that can't even be tried in small claims court in Alberta?

As you can see, a person can not be sued in small claims court, in Alberta, for libel and defamation. ANY lawyer in Alberta would KNOW this law. There is no possible way that Rick Dyer talked to a lawyer in Calgary that said he or she would take this on, especially pro bono.

We know Rick lied on purpose, it's about time those ready to give him money realize that too. Rick stole money from three people under false pretenses. Maybe Mr. Nice Guys and the rest don't care. Maybe they want to enable and support someone like Dyer. I hope they sleep better at night knowing this now.

Another thing Rick should be aware of is this; I am not responsible for comments left on this blog. I have, in the past, removed comments that crossed lines I didn't want to see here. I haven't had to do it in awhile because the readers here police themselves.
I NEVER make a blog post that includes Rick's children and it's a line I have not crossed. I have boundaries, Dyer doesn't

Section 230

I really hope the asshole is gone for good this time but if he resurfaces, we will be right here. In the meantime, there are still a few things left to talk about. According to a few people there are talks of litigation against Dyer and I hope to hear more about this in the near future.

If Rick wants to press this legal bullshit further, I have a few more things I can talk about here, thanks to the lawyer person that left a comment here a few days ago. I researched the information and Dyer doesn't have a fried chicken leg to stand on.