Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Blurry-Ambiguous-Dark-Photoshopped Photo of Something Released

According Ricky Dyer, he has released "another" Bigfoot photo. Is this what Dyer considers a photo of a Bigfoot? The first photo shows a body shaped something wrapped in plastic so it hardly passes for a first photo of a Bigfoot. This second photo is a joke. Obviously Doll Boy went crazy with the blurring tool and blocked out any distinguishable features of his stuffed rug, or whatever it is.

In the beginning, Rick said he was going to be honest and transparent with his "followers" (all 6 of them), and this is what they get. They get shit on by Rick and his new crew of hoaxers. Tim Fricke and Biff Burk are now co-hoaxers with Rick Dyer. I feel absolutely confident this is a hoax and there is NO way Fricke and Burk could have been fooled, so they are hoaxers too.

Now Dyer is making up stories so he can delay releasing any real information, just like he did in 2012, 2013 and 2014. He's full of shit, plain and simple. Rick says there are no smoke and mirrors, and he has nothing to hide. Well, it looks like he's hiding his Bigfoot doll so it can't be scrutinized.

Rick keeps repeating the same old playbook and 2008 wants it back. Does Dyer lack any sense of creativity or is he just lazy?

It's interesting how that Bigfoot is just hanging there with it's legs straight in the air. Who climbed way up those big trees to get to the nearest branches that would support the weight of such a beast? Where is the rope on the trunk that can be untied in order to let this hefty monster back to earth?
Surely it isn't held up by those two pieces of string that are tied around the trunks.

We know Dyer is gravity challenged, so it wasn't him. Biff is too old for that shit and Tim was on crutches**Correction: Another person was observed with crutches, not Tim.**. Maybe one of the other mysterious six shinnied up those big ole trees and hoisted up the rugfoot or Buffalo jacket. Either way, it's comedy gold.

Someone probably showed Rick this photo and he thought it looked cool and manly. Rick's Bigfoot sure is a tiny thing compared to the thing below but I'm sure he's heard that before.

Dyer removed his previous video and he cited spelling errors as the reason. It's more likely that he removed the video because of the credits. So, here is the video for discussion purposes and news reporting. Fair Use applies and copyright belongs to Chia Head.


If Rick thinks he's going to get any national media attention that won't make fun of him, he better find another planet or some fifth world country to dupe.

Keep trying, Rick. We need some good humor, so you continue to play with your big doll while the real researchers do their thing. Maybe we'll set up a kiddy table for you and your tarpsquatch.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hoax #6: Tarpsquatch

Lawd, have mercy! Doll Boy done killed himself a tarpsquatch. Seriously, what are the chances that Rick Dyer actually killed ANOTHER Bigfoot? ZERO! NADA! ZIP!

Dyer and his half-witted band of armed and ill prepared campers managed to allegedly kill a Bigfoot in less than two days. Rick has to be the luckiest person on earth OR he has serious mental issues he just can't let go of. This guy keeps trying to hammer a square peg in to a round hole, and he keeps failing.

Doll Boy's "news" blog doesn't say anything and neither do his two videos. Did the dumbass forget that he promised updates every fifteen minutes?

Ricky also said that he wouldn't be holding anything back. Information would be released immediately. So, what is February 15, 2015 all about? Do his five followers have to wait that long to buy the DVD for $249.99?

I thought Dyer found the Lord and there would be no more lies and no more bullshit. I've only started this post and he's already lied twice. A fake Bigfoot wrapped up in plastic with bags of ice randomly tossed around is hardly an act of transparency. It's typical Dyer smoke and mirrors. This thing looks like it's four feet tall. I think this is the part where Dyer steals elements from the stories of other people. Justin Smeja's story comes to mind...except four people didn't execute his.

Now he has dragged Biff Burk and Tim Fricke in to another fraudulent venture. Do these clowns think any news station will take them seriously?

According to Doll Boy's video, "9 people has made history". Really? You mean there are six others in on this hoax too? It's no wonder they didn't want to be recorded.

This tarpsquatch is just a continuation of the 2012 hoax. Do you remember when Rick said they put the body in a tarp and dragged it to the pretend reefer truck? Behold! A "body" in a tarp. Rick's imagination and creativity are magical...said no one ever.

I had been wondering how they got the "body" out of the location and transported it across the field...I mean to another location.

They are strapping the midget tarpsquatch to the roof of the FJ. It's funny when life imitates art. Hey, it was done in the movies, so why not, right?

Here is the big bad hunter poking the Ewok with a stick while Biff Burk has a gun pointed at it. Maybe it only shoots potato pellets. For a tough guy, Rick seems a bit skeered. Nah, he's just trying to add realism to this farce. I brightened up the photo a bit but it still looks like an Ewok..or a big stuffed toy..or a rug.

Maybe Rick, Biff, Tim & Co. are trying to make a movie. Another movie. I think Rick is seriously OCD about making a believable Bigfoot movie. He has been trying since 2008 but he always gets busted before he can finish. It must drive him insane.

I would like to thank Travis for bringing the following to our attention. Thanks to Bob as well for grabbing a screen shot. I had already grabbed one and filtered it a bit. The credits just before the end of Rick's latest video is just a quick flash but it's legible.

Do you see a familiar name in the list of credits? I know I do and it's the artist Chris Russel. Mr. Russel made the now infamous Hank prop for Rick. Rick is very well known for doing nefarious things, so maybe Chris is not aware that his name is being used for another hoax. Maybe Chris made another Bigfoot doll. I have already contacted Chris, so let's not bombard the guy. He has a legitimate business to run. He has one of those things Rick doesn't have... a job.

Why would a group of people who allegedly killed a Bigfoot need a costume designer? Why are the credits just a flash? If we didn't know Dyer any better, we would say he is up to no good...again.

It's kind of sad that a bunch of 40+ year olds need to run around and make an elaborate hoax. For what? It's certainly not for redemption because there is nothing Dyer needs to redeem himself for. He's a hoaxer and a liar, he always has been.

I don't know why Biff Burk and Tim Fricke are involved in this. Biff seems to have a pretty good life going on his ranch and Tim has a good job with a major corporation. So what's in it for them besides shits and giggles? Are all of them trying to get their fat heads on television? Are they trying to attract producers for some lame ass reality show? Lord knows we have enough of that tripe already.

Yes, God would be so proud of Dyer right now. Rick swore he wouldn't lie any more. He swore he wouldn't mess with people. He swore he was on the straight and narrow.

If this entire charade wasn't so damned funny, it would be downright pitiful. Perhaps it's both.

We are not done with this story and we'll do our best to keep on top of it.


Chris Russel got back to me and he said he did not make another Bigfoot prop for Rick.

Now the question is why did Rick use Chris' name without permission?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lynk and Andrew Fire Back

I think Lynk Paul read Dyer's last selfie interview on his Current News whatever-it's-called blog, because he pulls no punches this time. Doll Boy usually posts these types of things when he is butthurt. He's probably mad at Dale for the video we posted here. Dyer said he didn't care but he was the one who reported it to YouTube for privacy violations. Can you believe that? Dyer, the public personality and legend in his own mind is upset because the video shows him for what he is...a buffoon.

Lynk had more than a few things to say. While I was reading the email, he reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson in 'Pulp Fiction'. I always thought Lynk was a quiet person. Maybe he is until morons like Rick Dyer spew their lies. Rick is always reactive, never proactive. It gives him a chance to think up some bullshit to peddle to his five or six fanboys.

I have had many chat sessions with JJ Andrew and Dale. The compelling thing for me is that all of their stories match up. The stories were told in different ways but they all line up and support each of the other stories.

Here is Lynk's rebuttal:

I don't know who the hell was wasting their time to interview this liar and scumbag but he/she probable is no better than he is, after all this time and information in the public domain on him.

Maybe he came up with the questions himself along with the answers. He is quite good at making up stories but piss poor at telling the truth.

However, I will navigate my way through this cesspool of lies and bring to light "THE TRUTH". THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME.

Q. What was going through your mind when planning the tour ?

A. I felt the real body of Bigfoot that I shot and killed in San Antonio would eventually come out ,so I decided to try to make money off of a fake one. People have been doing this for centuries ,this was nothing more than another sideshow.

A. He never shot and killed anything in San Antonio, Texas, so NOTHING was ever coming out. He, along with accomplices, were trying to take advantage of a real and ongoing incident. A natural leech, he just latched on for another free ride. It only became a sideshow when He received a call from Chris Russel the night we arrived in Paris, TX and while still on the road. He was told that the Haters had found out who he was and where he lived and that they were harassing him and he was going to come clean about the whole thing.

Q. Do you feel bad for taking people's money for something that isn't real ?

A. Absolutely not! I provided a very entertaining service for a fee. We entertained tens of thousands of people without any complaints. I told many people all across the country that they can choose to believe my story or not the story was true but Hank in the box wasn't . This was a pancake Bigfoot not even 5 inches thick all the news crews and all the parents was sure it was fake it was just a show. The only people complaining about my tour are the people that never came out. We did many charity events along the way and helped many people. I don't regret it at all.

A. Off course he doesn't feel bad, he is a con man and a thief. "Entertaining service" is what he calls swindling people out of money for a fake he passed off as the real thing. He advertised the real thing and people came to see just that not a fake. We never did ANY charity events or helped anyone. The only person we went out of our way to help, it was not because of him, WE made the decision to go and eventually stay to protect her after the cowardly bastard stirred up trouble and then ran away. How could he regret it? He kept and spent all the money he made.

Almost everyone who paid to view the prop thought it was real not because of dyer but because of the fact that we were somewhat convinced that it was possible. We were still waiting on the scientific data however.

Q. Tell me about Andrew Clacy?

A. Andrew was a friend that help me out on the tour. His business was struggling back in Australia so I invited him out to help me.

A. Andrew was a friend, the likes of which he will never have again. If he does have anyone around him, they are just as bad and woefully stupid as he is. Andrew's business NEVER struggled prior to coming to help this ungrateful SOB/POS. He never allowed Andrew the time to tend to his business and only then did he have trouble maintaining his business. He always had us doing something that took up all of our time.

Q. Andrew stated that he was duped. Is this true?.

A. Absolutely not! There's no way that you can pass off a 5 inch thick Bigfoot as real to a person that's around it every day. The man was living in my house since mid December the tour started in February. The body was stored in my garage that was attached to my house. The fake body had to be pulled out several times in my garage for repairs with the help of Andrew and others.

A. For the 100th time, for those who have not heard or read anything we posted in the public. Andrew Clacy NEVER KNEW that the body was a fake. He was left at a Supermarket when we went to Russel's house to pick up the prop. Although he would deny it, I told dyer to tell Andrew the truth but he was too worried that Andrew would just leave and go back home. He NEEDED Andrew to do the marketing and use his credibility and contacts to set up main stream news interviews and money contracts. Also he kept promising that this was just until the real body was released at the press conference. I was told that the prop was only for the tour as we would never be allowed to publicly tour the real thing. Every individual was told something different and he tried his best to manipulate us and keep us from talking to each other by trying to promote distrust in each other. IT NEVER WORKED.

The prop was removed once at the house (by dyer and myself, no others) and never with Andrew around. Andrew did have one opportunity to briefly touch the bottom of the feet which felt soft and real to him at the time. What you have to take into account, some Bigfoot experts examined the prop visually and declared that it was the real deal. So he would naturally take their word for it. As for me, I had no problem with taking a replica on tour, seeing that it was OUR lives on the line but passing off the prop as the real thing, NONE of us agreed to that. As a matter of fact, we strongly advised against the tour from the beginning.  We did live in his house and that was NOT by choice. He always stated that he was contractually obligated to refrain from tampering or opening the box. I knew this was bullshit but he always maintained the story that he was under contract by his investors. We constantly asked to see this contract but never materialized just like the scientific data. He even asked me to fake some papers and I said hell no. He had already planned to buy the fake jars of organs from Russel for the second fake unveiling of the baby Bigfoot body, skeletal remains and internal organs. Dumb SOB. We never went there to be part of a hoax. Andrew and I always had a plan and knew what we would do should we know for sure it was and the players involved.

Q. Why would he lie and was he paid anything?

A. We estimated we would make around $200-$300,000 on this tour. When this didn't happen things went south very quickly. Andrew was terrified of the people that hated me ,the best thing he could do would blame it all on me. That's what cowards do. Andrew was paid approximately $12,000 but unfortunately we paid him in advance when he arrived but he chose to send his money back to Australia and to someone in Africa. So when he saw me with a pocket full of money during the tour he got extremely jealous. He left the tour only when his tourist visa was expiring. He never told me that he was leaving. He left a day early in the middle of the night stealing a wristwatch and around $200 or $300. Days before I advised him he wasn't coming back for the next leg of the tour.

A. The only one throwing around those estimated figures for the tour was that incompetent fool. He is not even qualified to do so. "WE" (Andrew and I) never gave or discussed any such figures for the tour. As a matter of fact, we condemned the tour and told him many times it would not yield that kind of income. We were trying to broker much bigger and safer deals with interest parties. They all wanted the scientific proof and he promised and we kept pressing him for it. We were trying to secure million dollar deals with very reputable organizations. if Andrew knew it was a fake he would not go that far, plus if I knew that no real body was forthcoming, I would not have let it get that far also. Why do you think we both kept pressing him for the scientific data and he kept pressing for the tour?

"the best thing he could do would blame it all on me. That's what cowards do", YEAH RIGHT!!! like what he is doing right now??? Let me be perfectly clear about this; FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: Andrew Clacy NEVER received $12,000.00 nor did I receive what he said I did. He never had anything to send back. We did receive some money from the party investing in the venture via a loan, for our time and work put in thus far and to help support ourselves. Much of which was spent back in his house. He NEVER had ANY money unless Andrew and I brought it in, all of he kept/stole. If anything, I would say that he owed the both of us a shit load of money. I'll leave it up to Andrew to answer the last part of the above lie filled statement.

Q. How about all the others that were on the tour and left?

A. Lynk was infatuated with killing his own Bigfoot and unfortunately he was paid in advance when he arrived. When he got off the bus we had only made a couple thousand dollars so I figure he thought the tour was doomed and I even loaned him my gun so he can try to kill another Bigfoot in Minneola Texas. Craig Phillips was the driver . Craig was paid absolutely nothing the whole trip to Minneola Texas. I figured he saw us making little money so figured he wasn't going to get paid. Craig and Lynk wanted me to come back and pick them up for Daytona Beach when Andrew told them I was making crazy money but I refused and that's when they started talking about me .All these people lived in my house for almost 2 months and we seemed to get along great. The fact is everyone that has ever had anything negative to say about me I either fired or made them mad. It's very easy for people to be cowards.

This one is so f***ing outrageous I'll have to dissect it line by line.
Firstly I was paid nothing in advance. We were never paid a cent by dyer. He never had any money that was his own. Andrew and I did receive small amounts of money to take care of bills and ourselves but it was given to us by the people who loaned him money.

He says that I was infatuated with killing my own Bigfoot. TRUST ME. I had plenty of opportunities to do just that (I have witnesses) and didn't because that is NOT why I went there in the first place. Dyer admitted to me that he never shot and killed anything in San Antonio and needed my help to go back and do so. At the time I told him OK. Just so you know, I told him what he wanted to hear. I would quicker shoot him than shoot one myself or allow him to shoot one.

When Craig and I got off the bus, it was after an argument over dyer wanting to run away the next morning. this was for two reasons, 1) He invited Jason Judd out to see the prop while we were in Mineola and never thought that he would accept and actually come. To his surprise, Jason called and confirmed his travel plans and he just had to bolt the next morning. 2) he was pissing scared and wanted to get the hell out of Doge. He was afraid to go into the woods and Andrew and I had to recon the area in the morning. We found no traces. We all agreed that because of the shit storm he stirred up, we could not leave this woman alone in that situation and we refused to leave. Andrew was supposed to stay too.

We finally agreed to stay and he and Andrew would go on to San Antonio where he planned to do a recreation of the bad acting he did in the Shooting Bigfoot film for a quick film for the Alamo Drafthouse and for the promised DVD to his members. He never wanted to pay Craig a cent but Andrew and I would never have that. He tried to treat Craig like a slave. We almost knocked his ass out for that.

Now he says that only after Craig and I heard that he was making money we wanted him to come back for us. The plan was always for them to return for us. They were supposed to return after a booking in Louisiana. When it was time to come back for us, he just kept driving in the opposite direction. Andrew argued for him to go back for us and he refused. A phone called followed and he said that we abandoned the tour and he was not coming back for us. BIG MISTAKE. He never made more than $400.00 in the time they were in Daytona. He did make some money at the Drafthouse but refused to send us any money. Luckily, the woman we were helping took good care of us and we didn't want for anything.

We started talking about him after that, he means busting his hoax after we told him that we will not be continuing the tour after Parris. We just wanted to finish the show for the day and make sure that the prop was fake and he went to sleep Saturday night and woke up the next morning and declared that the tour will go on and we will call it a circus side show. NONE OF US AGREED TO THAT. So we don't know where the hell he got that idea from. We were just focused on going to Mineola and investigating this woman's story. Good thing we did.

We lived in his house NOT BY CHOICE. We were supposed to be given allowances as agreed so Andrew and I would get a place of our own but he just wanted to keep all monies for himself and keep Andrew and I as hostages. If we had no money and no where to go what would we do? In his warped mind everything was great. No one fired us from anything as we were never employees of anyone. We came here to help the SOB and by our efforts, would have made him a shit load of money, (millions) only if he had the real thing but we did not come here to peddle a fake. he says its very easy for people to be cowards. THAT COMING FROM THE BIGGEST COWARD. All the bullshit he spews out from his mouth, DO YOU THINK HE COULD EVER SAY ANY OF IT TO OUR FACES? He is just another keyboard pussy.

Q. Dale Boswell recently had some negative things to say about you and released a video of you with a reporter. Do you have any comment about that and who is Dale Boswell to you?

A. I had a chance to see the video and I do appreciate him uploading it so I could get a copy of it. I really wish he would I uploaded the unedited version so I could've saved the whole thing. The video was heavily edited. I told them I was on tour and couldn't hunt Bigfoot in a park. They asked me just to do something for TV. They asked me to do a Bigfoot call I told him I don't do Bigfoot calls they just asked me to do one anyway. I was building up the tour and have no regrets in doing so. The stick structure could be seen from the road. It was definitely made by humans as a display in the park. Dale even took credit for finding Dale came to San Antonio as a driver when we lost Craig Phillips. He drove from San Antonio to Phoenix city Alabama. He was also fully aware it was a hoax . He even told me he was there for me and not the fake Bigfoot. Dale left the tour because his wife that suffers from addiction and she was in the hospital telling him by phone she was going to die. So we rushed to the hospital several hundred miles away. The next day she was out of the hospital jumping around like a teenager and joking. Dale told me that he was only with her because he promised her mother on her deathbed that he would take care of her. I told Dale that didn't seem the case to me ,it looks like you're with her because you don't have to work and she supports you from her nurse job. I stated to him that she needed help for her prescription drug use because I didn't want to see her destroy herself and her job. I was not happy that I had to go 400 miles out-of-the-way for BS . God knows the truth hurts.


A. I need more if you have some bring them to me.. Let's be honest they have about three or four hard-core trolls with about 10 different accounts. It's very flattering that all day long they think about Rick Dyer. These people are very easily identified loaners, overweight, mentally challenged, lonely,perverts and more you get the picture from there. (HE IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS ALL THOSE DESCRIPTIONS) It's kind a harsh but it's 100% true. They are missing something...But on the other hand I need them to keep my name out there. These people are going to be there anyway so why not make them useful... Let's give them something to If we hear something that they have said we just smile and move on , I haven't seen their garbage in months. I 'm just answering your questions people may not like to here the truth.

 Q. Will the real San Antonio Bigfoot ever be released?

A. Probably not don't count on it.

A. Of course not, there was never anything to release in the first place. How could you ask such a stupid question. Have you been hiding under a rock?Q. Tell me about Project Sasquatch?

A. Project Sasquatch is a group formed by ex Team Tracker members. My true friends the one that's been in the ditches with me and came out of the ditches right beside me.. We are dedicated, determined and dependable something Team Tracker lacked. Our goal is to find kill or Tranquilize another Bigfoot.

A. Dyer has NO TRUE friends, never has and NEVER WILL. Yes they have been in the ditches with you, that's where scum and cockroaches reside. People even more stupid or sick than he is. He forgot to mention disgusting, despicable, deranged. He is right, its something we lacked.

This is for you dyer, AS LONG AS I LIVE AND BREATHE, YOU WILL NEVER HARM ANYTHING IN THE WOODS, NOT EVEN A BIGFOOT. YOU COULDN'T"T EVEN TRACK OR FIND ONE IF YOU TRIED. I made some new friends in Texas, some really tough guys and they remember you very well. They remember your scent, your stink and should you desire to go anywhere near the woods, they will be there to greet you. So by all means, please go to the woods. But we all know the only thing you can track is McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and any other fast food you can get.

Q. What's next for Rick Dyer?

A. Let's go over some things you didn't talk about.... My followers my fans my supporters they are the ones that push me and I love him very much! My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ without him nothing is possible and with him everything is possible! If you left the Lord the Lord has never left you don't be afraid to ask them back in your heart.

A. He still has followers? If so, they probable can't read or write. As for the new religious angle: God has enough friends on facebook and does not need the likes of dyer to screw things up. I can assure you, No GOD or Christ wants anything to do with you. Your current pretense will yield you nothing. SNAKES shed their skin and they always remain snakes.

I didn't think that you could get any lower and you went and surprised me. Using religion and fake sincerity to try to get people to feel sorry for you and side with you. Sorry to inform you, we will not let that happen and your days are numbered. You sick, cowardly fat bastard. If you brushed your teeth and took a shower once in a while, people may be able to stand you for five minutes.

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, well then you are far removed from the equation. I know you believe that you fit in, with all the $2.00 whores you had while pretending to be happily married, well guess again. How many times you ran away on the tour when women refused to have sex with you? When your Ex-wife in Georgia turned you down you just had to flee immediately. I might think that you can't handle rejection.

When you fall you will remember this one thing, I said it to you and you paid no heed:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 

“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” 

* November 1 through the 30th I will be in Pennsylvania hunting for Bigfoot.   - NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN
* December 4 through the 12th I will be in Canada.                            - NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN                                                          * January 1 through the 30th I will be in San Antonio Texas hunting for Bigfoot.  - NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN                                       * March 1 through the 18th I will be in Denver Colorado hunting for Bigfoot.       - NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN  

You will be kinda busy in court or prison, it will be hard to attend.
                  * I have put together a film of the tour that will prove everything that i've said in their on words. Look for it a in February. "The Bigfoot Tour the untold story" and we will release a book on how to track Bigfoot.

YEAH ITS CALLED UNLAWFUL MANIPULATION, PROPAGANDA. None of us gave you written consent to use our words or images for your little games. I know that you can't afford a good lawyer so a crappy lawyer will be appointed for you.

I am the absolutely only full-time Bigfoot Hunter in the world and with God behind me I'm also the best!

DID SOMEONE TELL YOU THAT SHIT OR DO YOU JUST CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THAT. Bigfoot don't eat at fast food outlets JACKASS. Sorry to inform you but you don't get to just go on with life fooling people and stealing their money. YOUR TIME IS UP.

Andrew had a few things to add as well:

Rick claims, I was fired see RD image.
Rick claims that I made $12,000 (see image)
I had $200 gate in my pocket and he did not want me to have even that! 
I have a contract, yes he owes me $12,000. Tell him to send the screen shot of it leaving his account, I'll show a screen shot my account with in those dates and you'll see that I never received any money at all. Just a lowlife trying to sound good, but really he owes me, Lynk and Dale. Put a real nasty edge. 

The RD2 image is where rick admits to Jason Judd that he couldn't break with the truth about the body, in other words covering up from people on the tour....  Another lie exposed

RD3 Was talking about him not making the deal 20% I thought early in the tour he would keep his word, but knew towards the end he would rip me off... My misjudgment,,, (according to Rick) also why would I say to his face that I never knew he would have a replica, when he says I knew before I left Australia? Well you can see I am telling the truth, I did not think that was the case. 

my answer to this lie:

A. We estimated we would make around $200-$300,000 on this tour. When this didn't happen things went south very quickly. Andrew was terrified of the people that hated me ,the best thing he could do would blame it all on me. That's what cowards do. Andrew was paid approximately $12,000 but unfortunately we paid him in advance when he arrived but he chose to send his money back to Australia and to someone in Africa. So when he saw me with a pocket full of money during the tour he got extremely jealous. He left the tour only when his tourist visa was expiring. He never told me that he was leaving. He left a day early in the middle of the night stealing a wristwatch and around $200 or $300. Days before I advised him he wasn't coming back for the next leg of the tour.

My reply:
It's been reported many times that he gave me nothing. I can show screen shots (my bank account) of incoming money for those months you won't see $12,000. I can prove it. He can't prove I received $12,000 because he never sent a cent. He knows it. Just trying to make him sound like the good guy, when it's really an evil twist. "That's what cowards do" Ha ha coming from the biggest, fattest lying coward ever. Yellowtooth is such a coward, he still to this day would rather discredit people then tell the truth. Dyer if you are not a coward, clear our names, stop lying!!! Stop using Jesus, you coward. How about confessing for your affairs?

Stealing a wrist watch? Ha ha, Dyer never had one. How can I steal something that never existed? Why does Dyer make these things up? To take the heat off of himself. Yes I had $250 in my pocket, wow I made so much for the trip (NOT), let's divide the $250 by the hours I worked.. And you still angry about that? Well if you really sent me $12,000 why didn't you deduct the $250? His own story does not make sense. You fat filthy pig! By the way he begged me to stay for the 2nd leg of the tour, he kept saying (in Daytona) that I was abandoning him, like a jealous school girl. He lies as he goes, make stuff up. He did have affairs, that's the main reason he went hard at me because I know what happened. I hear Lily has finally left POS. Pity she didn't stay she deserves him! Let Dyer swim in murky water, that would be the funnest video of all time!! The stuttering alone would be hilarious. 

As for what Rick said about Robin, he had no right to stoop that low. I was there. Dyer's statement is false, just to get under Dale's skin. Unlike Dyer, Robin and Dale are good honest people. Dyer is the opposite. Nothing good or honest about the fat slug. By the way I don't gloat, but Dyer would hate the fact I am currently doing well in my business. My best revenge on the toothless wonder is my own success. I don't have to make videos to convince people, I just provide a service and I get recommended, stealing from investors, members of the public and ex Team Tracker members is NOT a legitimate business you FOOL!  Grow up and tell the story, I still don't know what really happened. People would be shocked in how little he told us. Why we kept asking, we got no response or total lies (as we know now). He did not trust us with his plan. Good I say. 

He's never come clean about the $80,000 he stole, why? He's worried he'd get sued. Come on Rick what about the $80,000? You've paid back.... $50... wow... And you lie about a wrist watch? The silence on the $80,000 says a lot about Ricky traylor trash Dyer. You were $9,000 behind in child support before you got bailed out... How far are you behind now you creep? He had to be very convincing about the body to raise $80,000 to investors (who are not stupid people) yet he says I should have been able to tell, well the promises he made to the investors helped me believe, no one (I thought) would make such bold promises without the evidence to back it up... Well stupid did! 

Readers, make up your mind with the truth, all of us on the tour or Dyer Dyer? I am not after sympathy, but I can't sit back with such liable slander being told by dickless Dyer.

Andrew mentions the 20% deal AND the prop in this screen shot. It's ambiguous to the untrained eye but I think most of us can read between the lines.

This is a monkey Dyer will never get off his back. He is a self admitted liar, so we can't believe a word he says, and Rick hasn't done a thing to correct his problematic behavior.

Then we have the words of four past team members. All of their accounts of what happened are the same except for some things they experienced individually or in private with the Killer of KFC.

Now Doll Boy is trying to start all over again like nothing happened. He somehow thinks he is a legitimate researcher. By Rick's own admission, he doesn't track. Where are his videos of him deep in the woods showing us what he alleges? It's a bit tough to research from the inside of a vehicle. All of Rick's videos are about HIM, this has nothing to do with research. Maybe he thinks he can get his own television series by pretending to be a legitimate researcher. Sadly for Rick, there is nothing positive about him on the internet.

Perhaps Doll Boy is jealous of the numerous people who have had the good fortune of being featured on the networks.

Another thing about researchers is that they fund themselves. Researchers buy their own equipment, they don't beg for it on YouTube videos. Rick just expects a free ride and he has no shortage of dolts who are willing to buy gadgets for him. Sooner or later that stuff will end up on Ebay, then Rick will buy something for his home, which was paid for from ill gotten gains.

Dyer has worked for NOTHING in his life. That's how I see it. Dyer hasn't shown anything to indicate otherwise.

His born again routine is so transparent. His televangelist crying is some of the saddest acting I have ever witnessed. Rick acts as if God is cool with him hunting down and killing one of His creatures for personal gratification and fame. Of course, that's under the premise that Rick is actually hunting anything at all.

Here is his latest tear-jerker. Have a tissue....or barf bag ready.


I don't know which road this new hoax will head down but I hope none of Rick's current fans bet the farm...or ranch on this. Five failed hoaxes should tell them that.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Exclusive from Dale Boswell

I would like to thank Dale Boswell for the exclusive to the following video. There is nothing earth shattering in the video but it does show Dyer at his bullshitting best.

Dale originally posted the video on his channel but someone reported it for privacy issues. I wonder who that could have been.

  Grab a cold drink, or spark one up and grab a bowl of popcorn. Enjoy.


I wonder how this new hoax in the works will play out. Will we see more blobsquatches from Biff? More pathetic fake prints from Rick?

Rick is still a legend in his own mind.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Here We Go Again

Here we go again, folks. Ricky Dyer showed off a few photos of a lame Bigfoot print, claiming he sent an "investigator" to PA. I thought Rick hated anonymity, so why hide who this person is? Maybe nobody went to Pennsylvania. Maybe this was made in Dyer's back yard.

What kind of investigator uses a sneaker as a measuring tool? Did Wal Mart run out of measuring tapes? No dimensions are given...nothing. No back story. Dyer acts like he's being totally transparent but it's just more of the same old bullshit.

There are many reasons why this print is not from a Bigfoot but I'm not about to list reasons so Rick can improve his fakes. I wonder if Doll Boy sent the photos to Dr. Meldrum for his professional opinion. I would do it myself but I really don't want to waste the Dr.'s valuable time. The print looks like a wood cut-out and then someone used their finger to make the lousy toe impressions.

This is typical Rick Dyer though. Do the absolute minimal amount of work and hope for a big pay off.

I tried to enhance these photos in order to bring out any details but the photos are terrible.

Why is there only one print? Did he not have time to make a left print?  Maybe Biff made these, who knows. This is just another sham of a scam that Rick is trying to cook up so he can fleece some more money from the gullible. It looks like Dyer only has about three supporters amongst the thousands of "likes" on his fan page. That in itself is hilarious. I guess that's what happens when he decided to purchase likes from Turkey.

Dyer should have kept that money for gas. The poor boy is begging for gas cards now. Why? I thought he had bags of money. Dyer himself said he made a ton of money. Where did all of it go?
Nobody eats that much KFC or burgers...or pizza...or wings.

Dyer keeps sliding downhill and there is no return for him. He has burned many bridges and he's made plenty of enemies. He should just give it up and go back to selling junk on Ebay.