Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More From Lynk

In the wake of the recent Australian news story about Andrew, Lynk has once again spoken out against Rick Dyer. Shortly after the news story was published, Doll Boy went on his red crayon rampage to "correct" the story.

I know many of you don't care either way what happens to former TT members but I have spoken to Andrew numerous times in PMs and live in video chat. I am usually good at reading people and Andrew's demeanor didn't indicate to me that he was lying about anything he told me. His story has remained constant throughout the past few months. Dale and Lynk have both verified Andrew's testimony as facts

I'm not sure who was the original receiver of the statement from Lynk because it is making it's rounds in various Bigfoot Facebook groups. I assume it was Pinkfoot who was communicating with Lynk but I have not verified that.

Here is what Lynk had to say.

 "I have supported Andrew and refuted all of dyer's lies. We have sent out statements and people now know the truth about the lying fool. 

Why spend so much time attacking Andrew when everyone knows RD is a blatant liar. Its always the same claim that Andrew was in on it from the beginning. Not true at all. But Andrew did witness all of his extra marital affairs and attempts to have sex with other women. When he got turned down, he would quickly flee that location and lie about having a booking somewhere else.

 I have said it many times, dyer never shot and killed ANYTHING. I saw him in action in Texas. He was like a scared little girl and he even pissed himself while Andrew and I were calm and collected through the whole ordeal. 

Andrew never knew that the prop was fake. We dropped off Andrew at a supermarket while going to pick up the prop. I was told that the prop was going to be used for the tour for educational purposes because the real body could not be used for that purpose. I was told that the real body would be revealed on the day of the press conference which NEVER happened due the dyer constantly postponing it.

 As a matter if fact, it was Andrew and I who pressed him the hardest for the scientific evidence which he could never produce. We talked between ourselves a lot and always had a plan if we found out it was all a lie. Thus was not just about a fake body but also about the other people involved, names that were being thrown around.  We did not know all who were involved and did not want to falsely accuse anyone.

 "Experts" in the so called Bigfoot community declared it to be authentic so who were we to dispute unless and until we could do so with proof.

 I am still working on the book and being very careful not to expose the owners information because she is happy and at peace now and just wants to live in peace.

 I did not want to bring this out yet to clash with all the dyer nonsense also with Christopher's attempts to have a proper Bigfoot movie produced. However, when this comes out, it would make a good movie showing a different side, but I don't want to portray all Bigfoot as bad.

 So writing and editing meticulously is a constant effort. Trust me, I never need to embellish anything for interest. There are some details which must be left out to protect the Bigfoot and most of the people involved. Although a lot of research is being done, there is much that people still don't know about them.

 BTW, if Dyer's lips are moving, he is lying. He does nothing unless it benefits him in some way. You can quote me anytime or repost these comments. But I do not do ANYTHING to promote his name, only highlight his stupidity and lies."

The woman Lynk is referring to is likely the woman in Mineola, TX. The crew went there to investigate alleged Bigfoot activity. From all accounts, Dyer was scared and stayed in the bus. The rest of the people were actively searching the property.

Christopher wants to make a proper Bigfoot movie? Could Lynk be talking about Christopher Noel? If so, things make a bit more sense now. It would be a shame if someone were to sacrifice their integrity and reputation just for fame and money. I lost any respect I had for Noel after he asked Steve Kulls to lie, so I have no empathy for Noel as it is.

Dyer says he no longer reads this blog so I'm wondering how long it will take before this blog post faces the attack and lies of Rick's red crayon. It makes no difference because we know Dyer is full of shit.

He might be able to convince a few people that he's found God and is a changed man. I for one don't believe one single word of it. I wonder if this "major" church ran a background check on Rick before they let him work with youths. As far as I know, it's required by law.

Two years ago Rick Dyer never shot and killed anything. This year will be no different, folks.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Things Are A Bit Quiet...So..

He guys and gals, I thought I'd put up a fresh post. Things are a bit quiet in the church of Dyer right now, so I thought I'd take on another hoaxer to pass the time.

I have long suspected the Squatchmaster of hoaxing and now I have the proof. Take a wander over to another blog of mine if you're interested.

The Squatchmaster Is Busted 

Another hoaxer bites the dust.

We will still be watching and reporting on Rick Dyer. It looks like he has a new hoax in the works. Maryland of all places. Isn't Biff Burk from there? Didn't Biff recently record a video of someone in a mean a Bigfoot?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

On This Day In Bigfoot History...Nothing Happened

It has been exactly two years since Rick Dyer stated he shot and killed a Bigfoot yet no evidence or proof has ever been shown to verify this claim. The only thing Dyer can rest his hat on is the tent video and even that is not evidence enough to support his outrageous banter.

The tent video can be faked easily enough if a person has the right location, make-up and shitty sideways cell phone recording. Just because the tent video has not been proven fake, that doesn't make it authentic. Conversely, in all fairness, the opposite can be said. Having said that, it's up to Dyer to prove his video is authentic, it's not up to us to disprove. Given Rick's past history of two major hoaxes and three minor hoaxes, common sense would tell us the tent video is a fake.

If Dyer has truly found God, he would admit to his lies and misdeeds, and he would apologize to all the people he harmed. None of that has happened so my best guess is that Doll Boy is simply trying to reinvent himself. Sadly for Dyer, he appears to be failing miserably at trying to breathe life back in to his charade. As long as Rick Dyer is around, we will be around as well to chronicle this madness for future newbies to the subject of Bigfoot. When people Google his name we want those people to see this site so they may better educate themselves on this huckster.

The original tent video was tampered with before anyone got to see it publicly. The orientation was purposely altered and the audio was removed. Tampering with alleged evidence seems like a stupid thing to do if you want to convince people a real Bigfoot was recorded. The only reason Dyer would tamper with the video is so he could hide something. This video should be thrown on the trash heap with the rest of the stumpfoot and rocksquatch videos/photos.

Over the past two years we have caught Rick in lie after lie, after lie. Even when things are proven to be factual, Dyer still denied it. The "Kill Site" was one of those things denied by Dyer. I was the first to pin point the location based on Rick's San Antonio videos, which he promptly deleted.

 The next screen shot below is the one that gave away Dyer's location. Dyer mentioned the approximate location in the video and The Home Depot parking lot lights could be seen in the background.

The Sept. 6, 2012 "Kill Site".

Rick recently stated that the "body" may never see the light of day. I guess January 15, 2015 is out of the question now. This hoax failed, so it's on to a shiny brand new hoax.

Speaking of shitty videos, we have a little something posted by Biff Burk. Burk is one of Dyer's main cheerleaders, next to Tim Fricke.

Mr. Burk alleges that he had a Bigfoot encounter while he was out with his grand children. I'll post the video, then I'll share my thoughts about it. Sorry. For some reason, the video won't load to Blogger, so I'll have to post the link instead.

Accidental shot of Bigfoot?

I have taken the liberty to edit the video down to just the main component showing the dark figure. It's slowed down a lot and stabilized, so it's a bit lengthy. (4 minutes)


Here are a few screen shots I was able to grab from the video. They all look the same, as if the "Bigfoot" is just standing there so it can be "accidentally" recorded.

If you watched the video, you would have noticed the video was uploaded sideways, just like the tent video. Is it a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. I once uploaded a cell phone video and YouTube automatically corrected the video orientation so it would view properly. I have no proof of tampering but I can only offer what I know from my own experience.

Biff appears to distract the children by mentioning a passing car. Why even bother with that, it's background stuff. A countryside view of a passing vehicle isn't interesting, is it?

The kid hears a noise and asks Burk if he heard it but Biff just blows it off. Shouldn't he be worried about unusual sounds while he's in charge of children? Even a quick look around or investigation would have sufficed.

I was going to go in to more red flags but I think I found the biggest red flag of all. When I went to my video history to retrieve the video link, I noticed a bunch of  [Deleted Video] in my viweing history. The only things I watched last night was Biff's alleged Bigfoot video AND every video on his channel.

Why would Biff all of a sudden delete videos that had been up on his channel for a month? Perhaps it is because he had a video of him playing around with special effect. The video showed a bunch of UFOs and it looked like the main video was recorded from his yard. In all honesty it was a cool looking video. Obvious effects but cool nonetheless.

Biff Burk also had another blurry video of someone in a Bigfoot costume walking by the camera and the text had something to do with Rick Dyer and that Bigfoot should be afraid. I'm paraphrasing that so I might be off a bit.

I didn't think to download the videos but I have no reason to lie about this. All I can offer as evidence to support my claim is a few Facebook posts I made in a discussion about the video and the screen shots above. I was surprised by how many people did not know Biff is associated with Rick Dyer.

Maybe Biff is trying to drum up some funds for Dyer's 'Project Sasquatch' or maybe he wanted to see how many people he could fool. Emulating Rick Dyer is sad pathetic in my opinion. I checked online and there is no 'Project Sasquatch LLC' registered to Dyer or anyone else.

One thing is for certain in my mind. Biff's video is just another lame fake. It's right up there with Freezer Boy's lame hoaxes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Joe Show

Our good friend, Joe Mastroianni has a bone to pick with Rick Dyer. I had a short chat with Joe earlier and he isn't happy that Doll Boy is using his registered name, 'Project Sasquatch'.

According to fat boy's blog, Joe sent him a letter asking Dyer to cease using the name for his own alleged project. Rick immediately went on the defensive and called Joe a bully and terrorist. Seriously? A terrorist? I think Chia Head spent too much time in Colorado and turned himself in to a paranoid big baby.

Half-wit doesn't seem to know what blackmail is either. Joe asked Rick to quit using his name. If Dyer refuses, then Joe would contact a lawyer. That's not blackmail. Dyer goes on to say that the email was sent to the Spalding County Sheriff's office. For real?

UPDATED:  Rick has added some scripture to his blog post to include extortion. I think Rick is losing it by the minute. The funny thing is this comes from a guy who robbed plenty of people. He hasn't repented or asked for forgiveness from those people he wronged. Dyer is a hypocrite.

Since Rick sent me a message to my YouTube channel (not my email), I guess that means he's an internet bully and terrorist as well. The stupidity is endless with Dyer. Every time he opens his big mouth, he gets his ass deeper in trouble. It's a great source of amusement and enjoyment for me.

 I had a quick look around and found Joe's Facebook page that was created way back in 2010.

Project Sasquatch

It's quite obvious that Joe & Co. thought of this name long before Dyer did. Maybe Rick and his illiterate author should have thought about that before they went off half baked on Dyer's "news" blog. Maybe Rick should have checked Google first to make sure he wasn't infringing any copyrights.

Rick should put on his big boy pants, admit his mistake, and change the name of his make believe club. If he changes the name, I'm sure Rick will think of some lame excuse as to why he did it and I'm sure he'll find a person to blame for his woes. It will be a test from God, I'm sure.

Rick needs to understand that he can't dance with the Devil AND hang on the hand of God. That will surely lead to a good smiting.

Joe also informed me that he will be having an exciting show tomorrow evening. He didn't give me any juicy details but he did say it involves Rick Dyer and FB/FB.

I have listened to Joe's shows before and when he's fired up, he gets on a roll, so tomorrow night should be entertaining, to say the least.

Joe will be live on Cyberstation U.S.A Thursday night at 11 P.M. eastern. Here's the link: The Joe Show

I'm willing to bet there will be a whole lot of bitch slapping going on.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Movin' On Up

Word on the street has it that Ricky has moved once again. I'd have someone kick the chair out from under me if I had to move that much. I bet it's an Ohsome pad though.

If Rick Dyer owes you money and you are pursuing criminal charges against him, feel free to contact me or Steve Lane. We can help you out.

Speaking of Steve Lane, he just put together a fine video for your viewing pleasure.

I really enjoy making videos so I put together one as well. The theme song used to be a favourite of Dyer's back in the day. I hope he likes it.



I really have to laugh at this. Doll Boy got a miraculous $10,000 anonymous offline donation in the wee hours of the morning. Um, yeah. Sure he did, lol. At least Rick thanked, uh..I mean the donor.

 I wonder if he'll call off the fundraiser early because some more anonymous people donated equipment and FLIRs and all that good shit. Maybe an outfitting company donated tents, jackets and Les Stroud knives too...oh...and bear whistles. Never forget bear whistles. Oh, it's San Antonio, maybe Armadillo spray and raincoats?

It's anyone's guess what will come out of his mouth but I'm sure it will be God's will, according to Rick. If that fat boy gets struck by lightning I will seriously laugh out loud.