Monday, October 13, 2014

Exclusive from Dale Boswell

I would like to thank Dale Boswell for the exclusive to the following video. There is nothing earth shattering in the video but it does show Dyer at his bullshitting best.

Dale originally posted the video on his channel but someone reported it for privacy issues. I wonder who that could have been.

  Grab a cold drink, or spark one up and grab a bowl of popcorn. Enjoy.


I wonder how this new hoax in the works will play out. Will we see more blobsquatches from Biff? More pathetic fake prints from Rick?

Rick is still a legend in his own mind.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Here We Go Again

Here we go again, folks. Ricky Dyer showed off a few photos of a lame Bigfoot print, claiming he sent an "investigator" to PA. I thought Rick hated anonymity, so why hide who this person is? Maybe nobody went to Pennsylvania. Maybe this was made in Dyer's back yard.

What kind of investigator uses a sneaker as a measuring tool? Did Wal Mart run out of measuring tapes? No dimensions are given...nothing. No back story. Dyer acts like he's being totally transparent but it's just more of the same old bullshit.

There are many reasons why this print is not from a Bigfoot but I'm not about to list reasons so Rick can improve his fakes. I wonder if Doll Boy sent the photos to Dr. Meldrum for his professional opinion. I would do it myself but I really don't want to waste the Dr.'s valuable time. The print looks like a wood cut-out and then someone used their finger to make the lousy toe impressions.

This is typical Rick Dyer though. Do the absolute minimal amount of work and hope for a big pay off.

I tried to enhance these photos in order to bring out any details but the photos are terrible.

Why is there only one print? Did he not have time to make a left print?  Maybe Biff made these, who knows. This is just another sham of a scam that Rick is trying to cook up so he can fleece some more money from the gullible. It looks like Dyer only has about three supporters amongst the thousands of "likes" on his fan page. That in itself is hilarious. I guess that's what happens when he decided to purchase likes from Turkey.

Dyer should have kept that money for gas. The poor boy is begging for gas cards now. Why? I thought he had bags of money. Dyer himself said he made a ton of money. Where did all of it go?
Nobody eats that much KFC or burgers...or pizza...or wings.

Dyer keeps sliding downhill and there is no return for him. He has burned many bridges and he's made plenty of enemies. He should just give it up and go back to selling junk on Ebay.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fresh Post

here's a fresh post so you guys can continue the Dyer discussions. Still nothing new in the nohawk land of the chubby chia headed one.

  Dyer claims to be heading to PA soon for a month but you guys already knew that. I wonder if he'll bail out on this one and let "Mike" lead the imaginary group. Maybe they will be stump hunting on Biff's property.

It's hard to believe that there are still adults that take Rick seriously, especially now with his "I've found God" routine. It's borderline blasphemy and I'm still waiting for the lightning strike.

As a side note, Mr. Lindsay has accused us "lunatics" of not even thinking Bigfoot is real. I for one think they exist, I just haven't seen one yet. Blurry shadowfoots and stumpsquatches are hardly evidence in my opinion. If a photo needs to be magnified to the point of distortion, it's no good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More From Lynk

In the wake of the recent Australian news story about Andrew, Lynk has once again spoken out against Rick Dyer. Shortly after the news story was published, Doll Boy went on his red crayon rampage to "correct" the story.

I know many of you don't care either way what happens to former TT members but I have spoken to Andrew numerous times in PMs and live in video chat. I am usually good at reading people and Andrew's demeanor didn't indicate to me that he was lying about anything he told me. His story has remained constant throughout the past few months. Dale and Lynk have both verified Andrew's testimony as facts

I'm not sure who was the original receiver of the statement from Lynk because it is making it's rounds in various Bigfoot Facebook groups. I assume it was Pinkfoot who was communicating with Lynk but I have not verified that.

Here is what Lynk had to say.

 "I have supported Andrew and refuted all of dyer's lies. We have sent out statements and people now know the truth about the lying fool. 

Why spend so much time attacking Andrew when everyone knows RD is a blatant liar. Its always the same claim that Andrew was in on it from the beginning. Not true at all. But Andrew did witness all of his extra marital affairs and attempts to have sex with other women. When he got turned down, he would quickly flee that location and lie about having a booking somewhere else.

 I have said it many times, dyer never shot and killed ANYTHING. I saw him in action in Texas. He was like a scared little girl and he even pissed himself while Andrew and I were calm and collected through the whole ordeal. 

Andrew never knew that the prop was fake. We dropped off Andrew at a supermarket while going to pick up the prop. I was told that the prop was going to be used for the tour for educational purposes because the real body could not be used for that purpose. I was told that the real body would be revealed on the day of the press conference which NEVER happened due the dyer constantly postponing it.

 As a matter if fact, it was Andrew and I who pressed him the hardest for the scientific evidence which he could never produce. We talked between ourselves a lot and always had a plan if we found out it was all a lie. Thus was not just about a fake body but also about the other people involved, names that were being thrown around.  We did not know all who were involved and did not want to falsely accuse anyone.

 "Experts" in the so called Bigfoot community declared it to be authentic so who were we to dispute unless and until we could do so with proof.

 I am still working on the book and being very careful not to expose the owners information because she is happy and at peace now and just wants to live in peace.

 I did not want to bring this out yet to clash with all the dyer nonsense also with Christopher's attempts to have a proper Bigfoot movie produced. However, when this comes out, it would make a good movie showing a different side, but I don't want to portray all Bigfoot as bad.

 So writing and editing meticulously is a constant effort. Trust me, I never need to embellish anything for interest. There are some details which must be left out to protect the Bigfoot and most of the people involved. Although a lot of research is being done, there is much that people still don't know about them.

 BTW, if Dyer's lips are moving, he is lying. He does nothing unless it benefits him in some way. You can quote me anytime or repost these comments. But I do not do ANYTHING to promote his name, only highlight his stupidity and lies."

The woman Lynk is referring to is likely the woman in Mineola, TX. The crew went there to investigate alleged Bigfoot activity. From all accounts, Dyer was scared and stayed in the bus. The rest of the people were actively searching the property.

Christopher wants to make a proper Bigfoot movie? Could Lynk be talking about Christopher Noel? If so, things make a bit more sense now. It would be a shame if someone were to sacrifice their integrity and reputation just for fame and money. I lost any respect I had for Noel after he asked Steve Kulls to lie, so I have no empathy for Noel as it is.

Dyer says he no longer reads this blog so I'm wondering how long it will take before this blog post faces the attack and lies of Rick's red crayon. It makes no difference because we know Dyer is full of shit.

He might be able to convince a few people that he's found God and is a changed man. I for one don't believe one single word of it. I wonder if this "major" church ran a background check on Rick before they let him work with youths. As far as I know, it's required by law.

Two years ago Rick Dyer never shot and killed anything. This year will be no different, folks.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Things Are A Bit Quiet...So..

He guys and gals, I thought I'd put up a fresh post. Things are a bit quiet in the church of Dyer right now, so I thought I'd take on another hoaxer to pass the time.

I have long suspected the Squatchmaster of hoaxing and now I have the proof. Take a wander over to another blog of mine if you're interested.

The Squatchmaster Is Busted 

Another hoaxer bites the dust.

We will still be watching and reporting on Rick Dyer. It looks like he has a new hoax in the works. Maryland of all places. Isn't Biff Burk from there? Didn't Biff recently record a video of someone in a mean a Bigfoot?