Thursday, July 24, 2014

After The Shot DVD: No Reviews?

It wasn't long ago that Dyer said people were sent their DVD. I wonder if the DVD contains 45-50 minutes of HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot. I'm quite certain the DVD does NOT contain any such footage otherwise there would be rave reviews online and Rick would be rubbing it in our faces.

He never made any retractions saying the real dead Bigfoot had been cut from the DVD. Who the hell would pay $129 or $199 for a disc that does not have such outstanding content? Rick Dyer hasn't misled people has he? He wouldn't lie to his "friends"...or would he?

Where are those eighty people weighing in and telling us "we told you so"? The only person to say anything so far is Tim Fricke and he said it was "awesome" without going in to any detail about the contents. It could have been THE perfect time to promote this pile of garbage.

Marketing of the DVD is dismal now. Rick has a link on his SquareUp store selling this junk but there is absolutely no description of the content. No teasers or anything.
All we see is Rick's huge head.

Why is Freezer Boy using some site I have never heard of? Dyer is, or was, a long time PayPal user. He said many times that the issues with PayPal were not his fault and he also said he got it all straightened out with them. Is that a fact?

  I went to Rick's site and had a look. What I found wasn't surprising.


Please don't tell me Rick lied again! No way. Okay, I made that part up. Of course he lied, he always lies.  I'm willing to bet those DVDs aren't individually numbered and have multiple layers of security either.

Maybe one day we'll find out what is on the DVD. Whatever it is, it must not be noteworthy.

Oh, one more thing before I go. I wasn't even going to talk about this because it's so silly but I would hate to see decent folks waste $80 on a crappy drone. Here is Rick's latest video.


The drone he is showing is completely impractical for use in the field for several reasons. It only has a ceiling of 100ft. for starters. The camera is probably poor and there is no gimbal to adjust the camera.

The DJI Phantom is a much better solution if you're looking for a relatively inexpensive drone that will actually work. I say  relatively inexpensive because consumer drones can run in to the thousands of dollars.

  This drone belongs to a friend of mine. It's equipped with a GoPro HD camera, gimbal mount and FPV. The ceiling on it is around 2,000 ft. and it has a range of approximately one mile. It's a solid piece of technology for the price point. I'm just guessing but I would say the above kit is probably over $1,000 but you get what you pay for. Don't let anyone tell you differently. DJI does make a model with an attached HD camera (720) for around $500 and you can run FPV from your cell phone with an app.

Tim Stover has a nice drone and he's light years ahead of the nincompoop. Tim has already made videos with his drone and he's set way points so the drone can fly on it's own. THAT'S how you do it folks. Search for Tim on YouTube when you get the chance.

A Higher Level Of Research 

It's quite obvious that Rick has NO idea what he's talking about. Comparing an $80 Fisher Price toy to the Falcon Project is utterly deranged in my opinion.
 Whatever blows your hair (or cowboy hat) back, I suppose.

Rick is always good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rick Is Having A Show Tonight...Or He's On An "Expedition"

Rick Dyer says I make soooo much money for him because he gets new followers. I fail to see how money is made off a floundering blog and a You Tube channel with nominal video views.
   It's kind of funny, Rick says I make him money but I don't make any money off of him. In fact, I don't make any money at all. Sooo, who is riding who's coat tails?

This mindless rant is only one example of Rick saying I make him money. Wow, I'm allowed to keep my blog open, as if I needed permission from him. What a moron.


  Anyway, I thought I'd help the half wit out by letting all of you know he is having a "show" tonight. If you're going to watch, make sure you're medicated. As usual the show will be about Rick, the haters, money, the haters and plenty more of Rick. The word "Bigfoot" may be used a few times.

 If you have never watched a Rick Dyer show before, this is what it's like.


Why is Dyer having a show? Isn't he supposed to be on a sold out expedition this weekend? Maybe that nasty gout conveniently flared up again. Maybe KFC was having a bucket sale on extra crispy. Maybe Rick will be transmitting the show via a top secret satellite...or a cell phone from his back yard. The anticipation is too much I tell ya.

This isn't he first time Rick has had a show while he was supposed to be on an "expedition" and I doubt it will be the last. One last thing. Weekend camping trips are not expeditions.

What Dyer should do is talk about his alleged Bigfoot and show actual evidence. Butchered pictures of an alleged freezer and some fur are not evidence.

Hey folks, did anyone get their DVDs yet? The DVD with 45-50 minutes of clear HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot. You know, the one Ricky promised everyone last year.

Freezer Boy's new ad mentions nothing. Not even a description of what is being sold.

Things like this are typical of con men and fraudsters. He's a scammer and a huckster, nothing more.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christopher Noel - "How Do I Know?"

Last night Christopher Noel posted a video, and to be quite honest, I was fiberglasted. I thought this issue was dead in the water and anyone who used to believe Rick had jumped ship...except for Tim Fricke of course.
   If you have not watched Chris' video, here it is.

 Shortly after watching his entire video I started to leave comments. To my surprise, Christopher was online and he started to question my opinions. I obliged by providing answers but he started playing me for an idiot. He deflected issues I brought up and he was asking for extreme clarification to the point I thought he was being obtuse. He appeared to be confused by what I was saying.

I remained as polite as I could but Chris swiftly disabled comments, thus deleting all of my comments. I managed to get a couple of screen shots.

Since Christopher would not afford me the chance to continue the discussion with him, I will continue here and finish it. Mr. Noel holds M.K. Davis in high regard as an analyst and he blindly accepts the "Eye Blinking" video to support his claims that 1.) Dyer killed a Bigfoot and 2.) the tent video is authentic.

  I like M.K. Davis and he has produced some very fine work, most notably, the stabilization of the PGF. On the other hand, M.K. has come up with some things that are a bit of a reach in my opinion. The Sells videos fall in to that category. I reserve my opinions on Mr. Davis' analyses on a case by case basis.

The "Eye Blinking" video is one of those I highly question and I have questioned it since the day it was posted. I stated that I believed we were looking at artifacts in the video and I maintain that position. I had never taken the time to breakdown M.K.'s video then, but I have done it now to illustrate what I see. The video below is a clip taken from Christopher Noel's video and it's played at regular speed.


I will now show the same clip slowed down to 50% speed, then slowed down to 25% speed. I have added some notes as well. This particular clip is mostly for the benefit of Mr. Noel. Most of us can spot the issues immediately. It's still worth watching though.


To further illustrate my point, I made a short gif. You will notice that that the eye blink and tree trunk anomaly coincide with each other.

I also have some photos to show. By now things are quite obvious but I'm a stickler for being thorough.

I wasn't aware of this until recently but ParaBreakdown also covered this. It appears that Para and I have come to the same conclusion on this matter.

Christopher then goes on to talk about 'Shooting Bigfoot' and why he believes the subject is a real Bigfoot. He chose the best bits to try to justify his belief that Rick Dyer killed a Bigfoot during the filming of the documentary.

I tried this and I had no problem at all manipulating my hand in to this position.

This blog already covered the documentary here and here.

I don't know what Mr. Noel's reasons or motives are for clinging to the story of a proven five time hoaxer. Is it ego and pride? Is it the need to be right or to have a belief validated?
Whatever his motives are, he seems to have thrown all reasoning out the window.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dyer Spins Another Tale

A friend of mine (yes, I have friends) decided to do some checking on a claim made by Ricky. No, it's not a Bigfoot claim, it's something different.
  If anyone has looked at Rick's "fan page" or heard his last "show", you will remember Dyer saying he watched 'The Walking Dead' being filmed in Griffin, Georgia. The story seems innocent enough, seriously, who would make up something like that? Why even bother?
  Well, we are talking about Rick Dyer, notorious liar ,thief, and con man. Not only did he lie but he stole another person's photo.
  Unlike Rick, I can show proof he made up the entire story. Again, all the thanks go to my amateur detective friend for sliding this across my desk.

The above photos are posted to Doll Boy's fan page, eluding that he took them himself since no credit was given to the photographer.
  Note the time/date stamp in the photo of the two stars of the show:  06/17/2014  1:52

According to Dyer's post of June 23rd, he watched 'The Walking Dead' being filmed. Why would he wait almost a week before sharing this? He never mentioned it during his show on June 17th, the same day he allegedly took the photo. We all know Ricky likes to gloat, brag and/or puff himself up, so he would have said something.

Let's look at a recent filming schedule for 'The Walking Dead'.

Well, this is interesting. They were not in Griffin on June 17th. Actually, they were in Newnan, GA on the 17th. IF by some slim chance Rick was in Newnan, why didn't he take his own photos? Why did he have to resort to copyright infringement so he could make himself look like a bigshot?

Proof of what I have been saying in this post, you ask? No problem.

It should be obvious to any person that the above photos are the same photo Dyer posted to his Facebook fan page. He stole a photo and made someone else's experience his own.
 Why? I suppose only a shrink could answer that. Maybe it's because his dad disowned him or maybe it's because he is the one who leads a sad and pathetic existence.

  Dyer says he is the best at everything. He's not the best at carpentry, that's evident from the shitty box he made for his doll. He's not the best Bigfoot tracker because he admitted he doesn't track (just look up his unplugged interview with FB/FB) and he has never seen, let alone killed a Bigfoot.
He's not even the best hoaxer because everyone (mostly) saw through his bullshit and  four past failed hoaxes.

Some people may think this entire post is trivial but it's not. It shows a history of Rick Dyer's willingness to lie about absolutely everything, no matter how small the story is to tell.
Children will tell lies such as this example but grown adults with fully developed brains do not...unless there is something wrong with them.

If Rick will lie about visiting filming of a television show, or owning a Porsche, or buying a bunch of Corvettes, or having a show on A&E, he will most definitely lie about killing a Bigfoot. For some reason it makes him feel special.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rick Dyer: Hoaxer, Liar, Con Man and Idiot

2008 Hoaxmobile

I was just made aware of a post that Doll Boy put up on his hack of a blog. The only reason I'm even posting is because this is so funny. In typical moronic Dyer fashion, he claims to have busted another person with NO evidence shown and no proof. You know, just like his many Bigfoot hoaxes.

Here is half-wits latest entry on his Mensa worthy blog.

For the past 6 months I 've been receiving harassing emails from a anonymous person claiming to be "The Bigfoot Police'. I receive the same kind of mail all day long from the same two IP addresses an I thought this was just the same two stalkers with a new email. I noticed a new IP so 5 min search and $2 later It came up with a address that I knew but was shocked that Robert Lindsay wouldn't hind his IP. Well I say Robert but the house belongs to his mother and he lives with her. Why do I attract lonely men who live with there parents........ Please people get a life! BUSTED

I'm having a hard time containing my laughter. I can tell all of you for a FACT that Mr. Lindsay is not Bigfoot Police. Bigfoot Police was around in 2008 busting Dyer's sorry ass. Rick is either that stupid or he's THAT stupid.

Bigfoot Police is a friend of mine and writes nothing like Robert Lindsay. Robert has his own unique style and it's easy to spot. The truth of the matter is that Dyer is absolutely afraid of Bigfoot Police, and rightly so. He SHOULD be afraid. Rick will puff up his feathers and babble on about how he is afraid of nobody but we know that's a lie. A certain pants pissing incident in Mineola kind of seals that for me. Apparently there is video (from what I've heard) and I'll see if I can get a copy to post here.

Dyer likes to poke Robert and I so we will talk about him. The only reason I was still posting was because all of you fine folks want to keep chatting and I don't mind at all.
If Rick wants to poke Bigfoot Police with a stick, that's fine with me. It's not something I would do but then again, I'm not an idiot.

Yawn...this one got old back in early 2013. Ricky likes to say I role play and he somehow manages to paint it in a negative light.
  What my friends I did was historical reenactments from the 14th century, complete with historical grade armour (80 lb. kit). I took three years of historical sword fighting techniques (medieval martial arts) and used an aircraft aluminum training sword. We used aluminum because we could get a well balanced and properly weighted sword without the risk of getting sliced by a real blade.

I dare chubby chinstrap to fight in 80 lbs. of steel on a hot day and last more than two minutes.

We were NOT SCA, we were our own organized group up until most people moved. One is pursuing his acting career in Vancouver, B.C. and two of my best friends form a band impersonating one of my favourite rock legends.

Since fat ass brought it up, I'll share a bit with you from those days. Ricky likes to leave out the good photos.

Back in the day I worked at an armoury in Calgary. Not a military armoury but a smith type armoury. Hammers, wood stumps, anvils...that kind of place. We made historically accurate armour for clients all over the world. The owner did repair pieces for museums and made supplemental pieces for incomplete kits dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

 We were regulars at the Glenbow Museum and our group taught kids about medieval history as well as doing live demonstrations.

We also did a lot of work for television and movies. For me, this was my dream job. My main focus was weapons. Swords, axes, daggers, and shields but I also helped with final touches on full armour kits.

Here are a few photos from back in the day.

A group of belly dancers we met.

See, I even have proof. Right after this we went to the pub for a few cold beers.

This is me fighting the bad guy. The next picture is the one dough boy likes to post because it makes him feel better.

We worked on a number of movies but this one was my all time favourite. The work schedule was demanding but seeing our hard work on the big screen was well worth it. Not a small theater venue with twelve people but packed theaters.

Any fans of Underworld Evolution?

 I'm sure Doll Boy will call me a liar, sooooo, here are a few.

A couple of horse chanfrons and life cast of Bill Nighy 'Victor'.

Tony Curan

Kate Beckinsale

A couple of autographed photos and a keepsake from the project. As you can see, all that "role playing" was fun. Rick shouldn't speak of things of which he does not know.

It might not rank up there with no job and selling piece of shit used cars, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Freezer Boy can make fun of me all he wants BUT when he calls me a liar, I demand proof. Maybe a 5th grader can go through my blog with Rick so Dyer can find all these lies I tell about him. Come on lardass, show me a lie. On this entire blog, point out ONE lie. Show us WHY it's a lie. YOU can't because everything on this blog is backed up with photos, videos and/or links.

YOU are full of shit, Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer. You can't prove anything you've ever said. You can't prove I "lied own you". You can't prove you have a real Bigfoot AND you can't prove who Bigfoot Police is. It must suck to be such an epic failure.

It must suck to be almost 40 and have to make up shit about your life. Things are going so well that you need to continuously pretend you killed a Sasquatch. You lied about your $12,000 bus being worth $175,000, you lied about owning a Porsche...the list is virtually endless. I don't even know if you can spell "truth", let alone know what the word actually means. I think you have a difficult time distinguishing from real life and fantasy. The proof is in your constant bullshit.

YOU don't own anybody, Rick. We play you like a fiddle and at the end of the day, we win every time.


Hey did anyone besides punkin' head get a DVD? Does it have 45-50 minutes of HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Carry On

A new post, by request.

Doll Boy had a stellar show on Saturday. It's evident by the viewer count. Did you get a load of the "Bigfoot" photo? I hope people didn't pay money to see that. That cooler photo was quite awesome too, lol.

It looked like Tim Fricke the Fed Ex guy was enjoying himself.

More obscure photos from the clown hoaxer who has nothing to hide. Remember folks, no more lies from Rick. If you believe that, I have a previously love bridge for sale.