Friday, December 19, 2014

Doll Boy Out Does Himself

Just when I think things can't get any more stupid, Dyer comes along and proves me wrong. Now I know why all of his released photos where blurred. The clear thing another big doll.

This is the short video that Dyer posted.


The video itself is amusing in a weird sort of way. It's weird to watch grown men stand around an upside bigfoot doll tied to a tree. The video is amusing because there is fake blood and Tim Ray Fricke or someone else is holding a rifle. Such realism *cough*.

Rick's two blog posts made me bust a gut laughing because he thinks the Bigfoot community actually cares about his big doll. I had a chance to read all of the comments in a few groups on Facebook and NOBODY in the community is doing a double take. Doubling over from laughter is more like it.

Amazing? Maybe if you're five.

"You haven't seen anything yet!" That's true. It's been six years since the 2008 hoax and we haven't seen anything yet. A lot of jaw flapping, a lot of noise, fake doctors, bigfoot dolls, BUT no real dead Bigfoot. At least Rick finally got one right. He gets a gold star in his book today.

I'd like to thank J Walter for grabbing some screen shots and enhancing the stills for us.

The first thing I noticed was that the wrists are tied to the tree trunks. Why? I bet this is how the conversation went.

Tim: Um...Rick? We got this doll thing hung upside down but the arms are still at it's side.

Rick: Huh?

Tim: The arms. They should be hanging towards the ground like it's a real body.

Rick: Oh! We'll jess tell peoples that Rita Morgan set in and made the body stiff.

Tim: Uh...nobody will buy that. Sorry bro.

Biff: Hey man, I know what we can do. There's a spool of binder twine down at the barn, man. I'll cut some up and we can tie the arms to the tree, man. Ya know?

Rick: *crickets*.......Oh, I git it. Y'all do that while I check Facebook and my blog.

Biff: Sure thing, man. I'll walk down to the barn. See ya in 10 minutes.

There is no reason to tie the wrists to the tree unless the arms don't move. The arms probably can't articulate so the boys needed a plan. Hanging the doll upside down in the first place was an ill conceived notion. Dyer likes flair though. It had to look like a real hunt in his mind.

I'm going to assume that the legs are tied at the ankle by a rope and tied higher up on the tree. Nobody would be stupid enough to tie just the arms. My question is, why is the right foot (screen left) at a 90 degree angle? If the body had any weight to it, the toes would be pointing upwards.

The second thing I noticed were the hands. The hands and fingers are pointing up. The hands would be responding to the effects of this thing called gravity and the hand would be bent towards the ground, close to a 90 degree angle. The fingers would bend at the joints as well.

The head looks way too small for the body. The legs and arms look like tubes. There is no muscle definition at all. B-movies have better props than this.

Maybe Rick and the boys visited this place again.

Rick Dyer isn't even trying any more. He's boring, annoying and sad. I'm sure this stupid hoax can get more ridiculous but I'm tired of watching it. I would rather spend time busting hoaxers who are smarter and put more effort in to their hoaxery.

I may or may not post future stories on the half wit. It would have to be worth my time to do so though. He's no longer a challenge.

At least now people are reading up on Doll Boy and they are seeing what kind of a fraud he really is. Nobody cares about Dyer and he was never part of the community.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dyer Fails Again

Well, isn't this a surprise...said no one ever. It looks like Rick Dyer has pulled the pin on his latest hoax. Recently we posted photos of his horrid rug bag, now Dyer is tucking his tail and running.

Dyer's new video is almost an exact compilation of his videos from 2012. The conference is cancelled. A medical facility has the body. It will take sooooooo long to have testing done, etc., bullshit, ad nauseum. Poor Doll Boy even had to resort to using LA as an excuse. Did he finally finish building his new house there? Maybe A&E called him back.

The only people that would believe Rick are those who think he really killed a Bigfoot, so I'm guessing that four or five people will be crying in their cereal tonight. What's Walter going to do now? He wrote songs about Rick and this is his thanks?

Here is Rick's latest video. I don't know why he bothered posting Timmy Ray's video if he planned on changing things. Tim didn't say much except that he liked camping and bonding. 

One of the things that cracks me up about Dyer is that every little thing is "Breaking News" to him. Breaking news is a developing story, with more news to follow. Someone needs to 'splain this to Rick. I think it's best if they draw diagrams and shit.


This isn't breaking news. Readers of this blog already called it. We knew it was only a matter of time before Freezer Boy cancelled. Now he has to go through the daunting task of refunding 600 imaginary ticket buyers and forfeit his imaginary deposit on his imaginary venue. I guess that means no museum for Griffin either. The sparkles of a thousand eyes has been extinguished.

If the "medical exam" takes a couple of years, where are the results from the 2012 Bigfoot? By the way, who is paying for all of the tests, storage and preservation of this creature? Likewise, who is covering all the costs for babushkafoot to be studied? Does Rick think people are stupid enough to believe that it takes two years to run a DNA test? I tell ya what, get the same person who did the DNA test on Osama Bin Laden. Boom! 24 hours and it's done. Right?

We know Dyer won't be gone for long but he was a good monkey to have around. He read this blog carefully and followed all the advice that was given to him. It was certainly entertaining.

If you missed Tim Ray's video, here it is.


We don't want Biff to be lonely so we will post his video as well.


Let's make a complete set and include the mystery witness video. It's my favourite...almost.


I was curious who the mystery guy is so I ran the video through my super secret FBI endorsed software that was made with alien technology. Or I just tweaked it a bit. I get those two mixed up all the time.


These guys really have to stop taking acting lessons from wrestling programs.

Here is the mystery witness. Dyer did say he was part of the team. Is this Larry Fink? It's kind of disturbing to watch four grown men pretend they shot a Bigfoot. It's even more disturbing to see them pose for pictures with a big hairy doll.

 Oh, look. This is the barn where the mystery video was recorded.

These clowns aren't Bigfoot hunters and bestowing imaginary titles on themselves don't make it any more believable. They have proven nothing except for how ridiculous they all are.

Thanks for the laughs boys, I'm sure we'll see you around really soon.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Dyer Releases ANOTHER Bad Photo

I'll tell you one thing about Rick that I enjoy. He makes me laugh, I mean really laugh. I'm not laughing with him though, I'm laughing at him. He's on a new kick where he likes to tell his four fans that I'm his monkey. My blog posts are spontaneous and I post when I feel like it. Dyer has never had any control over what I write about.

On the other hand, when I write about something on Ricky, he goes in to damage control overdrive. It's quite comical to watch from where we sit. A couple of days ago we showed you a screen shot of Dyer's, Biff's and Tim's stuffed carpet/ hide/ doll thingy. The very next day, Rick releases another shitty, obscure photo in a video format.

The picture, quite frankly, sucks. I don't give a shit about his drone and his aerial shot. Why not stand close to the damned thing and take a CLEAR photo? The thing is dead, right? It won't bite. Maybe Rick is traumatized by dolls, who knows.

This is the original screen grab. Notice how dark it is, a person can hardly tell what that is.

I posted this stunning example of pure trash in a couple of Bigfoot groups on Facebook and we all had a good chuckle over this. Not one person thought this thing even came close to resembling a Bigfoot.

I lightened up the photo so we could have a better look.

Take a look at this. Look at the tiny head sitting on that big square body. There is no muscle definition in this thing at all. Long tube arms, straight torso and the shoulders are terrible. No wonder Ricky recorded a dark video. All of us started talking about the hair. I thought the Bigfoot was sporting some sort of modern hairstyle and others thought the thing had on one of those babushkas that old eastern block women wear. Some others joked about highlights.

I decided to see if I could tweak the photo just a bit more in order to see what the deal is with the head.

Is that a towel on Bigfoot's head? A babushka? Why would three grown men do this to the alleged kill of the century? What about dignity and respect for the beast? Maybe they put a dress on it later and....

Seriously, the only reason to cover the head was to hide the poor workmanship of the face. I keep hoping one day that Dyer might actually man up and show something convincing, like a good HD photo, close up so we can see what the doll really looks like. His fans in Turkey or Latvia or where ever he bought his likes, must be furious...or they don't really care.  However, his four or five real life fans might feel uneasy. If Dyer really killed a Bigfoot, he has nothing to hide. There are no excuses because Rick is in charge, right?

Dyer expects people to buy things just because he says so. He doesn't give them anything in order to entice them. He wants to sell DVD's, so show some good photos. This moron pulled the same stunts with Hank, the other Bigfoot doll.

Then we have Biff Burk being the parrot for Rick Dyer in a video that Dyer must think will lend hisself some credibility. Ole Fred Burk said the exact same things that Dyer says so I can only assume this was scripted by Rick. I hope he wrote it in big letters with his big boy crayons. The fact is, Biff is part of the "team" so his account of what happened should be thrown out. He's not a hoaxer? Really Biff? That video will come back to bite him on the ass.


Timmy Ray Fricke is part of the hoax gang too. It wouldn't be right if we left Fricke out of this, he's been with Ricky for a long time. So far Tim hasn't been on camera declaring this is a real dead Bigfoot. I wonder why. Biff is probably retired so he doesn't give a shit.

There is an upside to all of this. This is the first time that all parties are on the same playing field. Each member knows exactly what went on and how the hoax was done. ALL of them know this is a fraudulent venture, even the mystery man in the video. Don't worry about that though, we will know who he is soon enough.

Nobody will be able to say they were duped by Dyer and Rick has nobody to throw under the bus this time...maybe. If Dyer gets a beat down by law enforcement in the future, so will Biff and so will Tim Fricke. Don't forget that, boys.

Sooner or later this will come to an end after Rick and the clowns postpone release dates, conferences, media etc. Dyer has been using the same playbook since 2008 so I see no reason why it will change now.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

First Clear Photo of Dyer's Bigfoot Doll

Until tonight, this is the clearest photo we had of Rick Dyer's Bigfoot doll.

Dyer recently posted a few videos today and in one of those videos there was a still of Dyer, Burk and Fricke posing with the rug doll.

I know, it's a bit hard to see what it is so I flipped the picture and brightened it up.

Here is a better image of the body. Seriously, what the hell is that? Is this the Bigfoot from the Six Million Dollar Man or is it a Viking in a fur coat? It appears to be a step up from Hank but it's still not convincing.

Close crop of the face.

Notice the lack of any blood coming out of the mouth, nose, or from the body. One would think since this beast was hanging upside down and it was shot, there would be internal trauma and bleeding. We don't see any of that.

The face doesn't match any witness account I have ever read. The nose appears to be slender but the picture isn't clear enough to determine that. If that's a brow ridge, it looks to be off a bit. By that, I mean it looks weird. The entire body looks "off" to me.

I wonder who financed this latest creation and I wonder who made it. This looks like a fake head stuck on a bear hide or something similar. Sorry Ricky, Todd has you beat in the doll making department. Oh well, when this hoax is over I'm sure the High Guys will buy this one too. It can keep Hank company.

We haven't seen any photos of the little fakefoot yet but I'm willing to guess it looks as bad as this thing.

Dyer should thank us, we just saved him months of pressure and grief from his army of fans in Turkey and his five or six supporters in North America.

We have another surprise or two coming up in the next few days. In the meantime, discuss.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rick Desperate to be Relevant

I ignored Dyer's first rant video because it was a desperate cry for attention since NOBODY is talking about him, except for the people on this blog...and one or two people on Rick's fan page.

After listening to rant number two and rant number three, I thought maybe it was time to update the blog. First of all, Dyer needs to get it through his thick cranium that he is not part of the Bigfoot community. He never was. He's not a tracker ( self admitted), and he doesn't look for Bigfoot unless it's to play with stuffed toys in someones back yard. There have likely never been any expeditions as well. Most researchers post photos of their trips to the woods, but not Rick Dyer.

I actually had to turn off rant number three because it was painful to listen to. Dyer pumps himself up because he is irrelevant now. Nobody believes him, even if they say they do. His Facebook posts get any where from one to three or four likes and it's always by the same people. One person even asked for a free DVD, if you can believe it. NOBODY wants to buy anything from Rick after the last hoax.

Rick admits he tricks people, yet he still seems to think he has broken no laws. THAT is completely false. There are people who were ripped off by Dyer but none of them ever pursued the matter. That in itself doesn't mean Rick never broke any laws. He needs to get that through his thick cranium as well. Dyer can not compare himself to Dr. Jeff Meldrum but he gives it a good try...for an idiot.

Is Dyer trying to make nice with Stacy Brown? I hear Stacy has some sort of show in the works so maybe Rick is trying to jump on the Brown bus. I thought Dyer was supposed to have a boxing match with Stacy. What happened? Oh that's right, MORE empty promises from the guy who can't ever remember what he says.

Speaking of never following through on anything, where are Biff and the killer of KFC? They were allegedly coming up this way for a week. The proof is below. I see Rick has since cleaned out the "Appearances" section of his horrendous looking website.

So, where is he? That is the second time he said he was coming up here and failed. He duped over $2,500 from some people with more money than brains, so what's his lame ass excuse this time?

Truth be told, I never expected the candy ass or his old man to come to Canada. Rick lied and we all knew he lied. I can plainly see that Rick is in his garage talking to the engine bay of the FJ Cruiser. Seriously, who does that? It's not like he's making a "how to fuck it up" video.

The half wit has time to make a bunch of videos but there is no mention of  his newest Bigfoot dolls. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Just like last time.

Dyer is simply creating a distraction with his rant videos and it won't be the last. March is a long way off and Doll Boy has a huge void to fill until he delays what ever he said was going to happen in the spring. There are no new shitty, blurry photos of his fake Bigfoot and there are no new videos on his new fake Bigfoot.

Transparent is a word Rick  needs to look up in the dictionary (book of words and their meaning). Face it folks, Dyer hisself said there would be no excuses this time. No more lies. His first lie was saying he, Fricke and Burke went to PA and killed a Bigfoot. A camp out in Biff's back yard in MD doesn't count. Besides, it's against the law to kill ANY unknown species in PA and that's a fact. Doing so carries a heavy fine and/or jail time. The ball is now in Dyer's court to change the story and when he does, it will be for some poorly thought out reason, such as, "we didn't want haters follering us".

If Rick's alleged fans (not the ones in Turkey) have half a brain, they will abandon this shit show of a sad and pathetic hoax.

Rick can think he is number one all he wants to, it does not make it fact. If you type in "Bigfoot tracker" in the Google search bar, he's not number one. Guess who is? And it's thanks to all of YOU!
Because of all of you, this blog and Facebook page are in the top three and Dyer's semi defunct website is in at number two.

If you type Rick's name in the search bar, an old Huff Post entry takes the number one spot. Yeah, it's about Rick but none of his own pages are first. That's got to sting a bit.

Now, let's compare Google+ to see how Rick does. Surely, with ALL of those people buying up 600 or more tickets, plus all of his fans, Rick is sure to outrank almost anyone, right?

That's fairly decent. 110, 133 views.

I have no idea how a nobody blog writer such as myself gets 8,987,475 views but I'll take it...with a smile, thanks.

Please don't misconstrue what I'm doing here. I'm not tooting my (OUR) own horn or tripping over my ego. This is a simple illustration to show that Rick Dyer, is in fact, not number one, or the most talked about person. There are many researchers that are talked about far more often than Doll Boy but the problem is the fact that Dyer is NOT a researcher. He can not be compared to any of them. Not Dr. Meldrum. Not Stacy Brown, and not Tim Fasano. He certainly can't be in the same league as Derek Randles, Bart Cutino, Will Jevning and many, many others.

The hard fact of the matter is, anyone who thinks or knows Bigfoot exists, does not believe a word that comes out of Rick's mouth. This hoax is dying and Dyer is desperate to try and breathe any life in to it that he can. At the end of the day, Rick Dyer does not have a real dead Bigfoot. He only wants your money..ALL of it. Think about that.