Friday, November 21, 2014

New Blurry Photo From A Video of Tarpsquatch

Oh joy, Doll Boy posted another lame video showing a lame blurry photo of another lame Bigfoot doll. Any normal person would quit after five failed hoaxes but not Ricky Dyer. Dyer blabbed on about trickling out information about this latest scam but it's not something I would call information. Dyer needs to look up that word. Somebody please get him a pop-up picture dictionary for Christmas.


Here is a screenshot of Freezer Boy's latest blog post and it stinks of 2012-2013. I am truly amazed at Dyer's complete lack of creativity or originality. I understand that for some, thinking is hard, so perhaps I shouldn't be amazed when it comes to Rick.

"Come one come all, gather around folks. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot is here. 2015 promises to be the year of the Bigfoot. Project Sasquatch will prove Bigfoot existence in 2015. The group plans a press conference in March 2015 and a viewing of the documentary titled "Pennsylvania death of a myth". The show sold out so quickly they had to find a bigger venue and now the two March 13 shows have sold out. There still tickets available for the March 14th and 15th shows. The DVD is available for preorder only with the release date in late 2015 only 11 have been preorder at $129 each. Rick Dyer the most popular Bigfoot tracker and the most hated stated "We need to keep haters employed they are best form of advertisement so we trickle the information out. A bunch of" Only time will tell."

2015 promises to be the year of Bigfoot? Wait, what happened to 2013 being the year of Bigfoot? Oh right, that turned out to be a lame hoax in which Dyer stole from his investors, committed fraud against parents and children, got turned away from a couple of states and threw anyone he could under the bus.

The show sold out quickly. Um, yeah, sure it did.

Eleven DVDs have been sold in advance. Um, yeah, sure they did. I bet this DVD will be as awful as 'After The Shot'. That was the DVD that was promised to contain 45-50 minutes of clear HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot. The DVD was nothing more than a cryfest but it took Dyer over a year to actually record the damned thing. Fraud right there folks. My advice to anyone would be to avoid buying anything from the self admitted liar and hoaxer. He is now a proven conman, so we can ad that to his list of "accomplishments".

Here's the latest shitty photo from Doll Boy:

This is Rick at his finest. He says he'll be upfront and honest about everything but when it comes right down to it, he jams out like a butthurt baby. OH BOY, he sure showed the haters, didn't he? Rick thinks we'll be all mad and shit but it's the opposite. I'm laughing at the sheer stupidity of it all and I'm laughing at this joke of a photo.

 Is this Hank with fresh make up and a new hairdo? Is it a photo of a museum display that Dyer swiped? Who knows. What I do know for sure is that THIS thing is not the body of a real dead Bigfoot. I'll even wager my domain name against Dyer's domain again. I know he'll ignore the challenge or make up some idiotic excuse as to why he won't accept. Dyer has been writhing in agony to have this blog shut down so the bet should be enticing to a guy who allegedly has a real dead Bigfoot, right? Put up or shut up chubby chicken.

Where are Fred "Biff" Burk and Tim Fricke in all of this? The two of them have been very quiet. Maybe they're scared of those big bus tires. We already know they never went to PA and killed a Bigfoot but to be on the safe side we should probably inform Fish & Game that some sort of hairy man was shot and killed by three people with no hunting permits. I mean, this could be a homeless dude or feral human. Best to be safe.

Since the body was "transported" to Fred's place in Maryland, perhaps the local police should be informed. It should be the civic duty of everyone to report any possible crimes.

The alleged body is allegedly being housed in Griffin, Georgia so perhaps some emails and calls could be placed to the Griffin Police Department. If  Rick killed a real Bigfoot then he has nothing to hide, right?

I haven't looked up the links for any of these places but I know all of you love to Google fun places.

I have already sent out my emails to various agencies and I see nothing wrong with anyone else doing the same thing.

Hey, do all of these guys have carry permits? Might be worth checking.

This hoax is the saddest attempt so far. Rick Dyer keeps trying and he keeps failing. The only problem is that he is failing worse instead of failing better. No wonder Biff and Tim are so quiet.

Here are the known photos we have of Tarpsquatch:

How come there is no mention of the Alf doll...I mean little Bigfoot? No photos? Maybe that scraggly little doll was all the homeless dude owned.

Rick Dyer, Fred Burk and Tim Fricke expect rational people to believe that a five time hoaxer went on a ONE camping trip, then shot and killed TWO Bigfoot. Just like that, BAM, easy as pie. Justin Smeja should be upset that a goof like Rick stole his story and copied it. This is the best Rick can do. He has to get ideas from other people. In this case though papa Bigfoot was murdered, along with the child. I can't be the only one to think this is tragically funny. Oh, and unbelievable, don't forget that.

Be sure to check regularly at Project Scamsquatch for new updates.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rick Dyer: Desperate and Depraved

I finished reading Doll Boy's latest post of lies about my good friend, Steve Kulls. Lately Steve has been doing his own thing and he hasn't bothered with the cesspool pond scum that is Ricky Trailer trash Dyer.

Dyer decided since his obvious lies were getting ignored, he thought it would be smart to attack Mr. Kulls instead. Rick's post is a complete fabrication, just like his sad and pathetic made up existence. Dyer doesn't have a job, likely due to mental health issues stemming from his short stay in the army. Not only did Rick go AWOL, he somehow managed to get a disability pension (according to Dyer). It probably resulted because of the helicopter crash that never would have happened if pussy boy just finished his tour of where ever the hell he was. Hopefully the selfish prick didn't kill anyone.

This is what the moron had to say:

I've known Steve for awhile and not once has he ever said any of the things Freezer Boy is saying. It's quite apparent that Rick is absolutely not self aware. He's like a house plant with arms,legs and a big yap. It's doubtful that he even knows what he says.

I have a feeling Steve knows some people and he can easily prove Rick is lying with just a few simple phone calls.

On to something else. Remember how Rick said he was going to come to Canada and that never happened? Remember when Rick said he was going to release some information on me and that never happened? Remember when Dyer said he would make my life ten times worse and that never happened?

Doll boy says I'm obsessed about his fat greasy self but Dyer takes the entire cake on obsession. So much so that it borders on stalking and harassment (something he falsely accused me of doing). The fat ass slob must stay awake at night yelling to himself because there really isn't anything noteworthy to dig up on me. I'm not perfect but I'm not a wife beating, dead beat dad with no job who skips out on rent and other financial responsibilities.

Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer has publicly asked people to track me...and he offered $500. THIS is how mentally deranged Dyer is. He has lost it. The fucking idiot even throws in the false charge. Times must be tough for ole extra crispy when he needs to resort to this.

The craiglist ads have been reported and removed.

If this isn't the thinking of a psychopath, I don't know what is. Dyer did say soldiers should be killed so that should tell anyone right there that Doll Boy is not right in the head. Sadly, he has equally mentally challenged people who still follow him even after they were lied to and ripped off by a two-bit con.

People on this blog and else where have accused me of being too nice about certain things. Perhaps they are right. I can have a really long fuse or an extremely short fuse. It all depends on the situation.
This long fuse has run out and the gloves are off.

I have no intentions of making up shit about Dyer because real life is way more ridiculous and hilarious than any fiction I could write.

I and my associates will be digging deeper now. I'm sure all of you would like to know more about Rick's fellow hoaxers, Fred Burk of Darlington MD and Mr. Tim Fricke of New Jersey. If we come across more hoaxer friends, well that's even better.

Let's find out what makes Rick tick. I do know that the criminal apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe Ricky is trying to emulate his brother. What he should have done was followed a more noble and selfless path like his sister did, assuming she's a good cop.

One reader on this blog said he/she contacted a local newspaper in Griffin, Georgia informing them of Rick's wondrous discovery and grand vision for the town. Let's show some love and support for Rick. I think all the fine town folk should know about Dyer's huge discovery so let's inform the local media there.

Let's also inform Fish and Wildlife in Pennsylvania that an unknown animal was shot in that state. Did you know it's against the law to kill ANY unknown or unlisted animal there? Rick is so crazy, maybe he shot a homeless person wearing an old fur coat.

Not too long ago I was in contact with the fine folks there because I'm a curious person. Unlike Ricky, I always prove what I say. Feel free to draft up a note to voice your concerns. Click photo to enlarge.

Oh, the email address:

Rick is beyond a failure and he doesn't know when to go lay by his dish. Now would be a good time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rick Proves He Lied

Last night I blogged about about the problems with Dyer's alleged ticket sales. Now Rick claims he sold 600 tickets for a venue that seats 160 people. Why would Rick oversell a venue? Perhaps it's because there is no venue booked. A person just doesn't call up Mabel down at the local hall and say "book me the hall for March". Paper work needs to be filled out and a security deposit needs to be paid. Since this is a commercial event, I'm sure the proper permits would have to be purchased.

I pointed out the obvious problems with his claims and like clock work, Doll Boy strikes back with his usual and unfounded claims that I am a sex offender. Personally, I think it's hilarious when he has a tantrum. When he throws a fit, he makes himself look like a bigger fool than he already is.

Rick made a blog post by copy/paste, as usual but I don't think he reads or absorbs what the words mean. In one breath he calls me a convicted sex offender (which is a complete lie). and in the next breath he PROVES he lied.

Right there in big bold letters, NO PUBLIC ACCESS. For the Dyer droolers, this means nobody can access my private information, not even a private investigator. Why? It's because they are NOT an accredited police service.

Dyer the Dunce posted all of this right on his own blog. How many layers of idiot does this boy have? In essence, Rick Dyer proved to everyone he made up the entire charge against me. THAT is failing at it's best folks! Rick Dyer is the Master at failing and nobody can take that away from him, bless his wee crooked mohawk. Dyer is probably sweating eleven herbs and spices over this huge mistake. Give the boy enough rope and look what happens.

You have no idea how hard I laughed when I read his post. The post had a total of three comments, probably from chicken chops hisself.

I thought Rick was going to release stuff about me if I didn't shut down this blog. Judging by this screen shot, I'd say he has nothing. He's begging for information. That's Rick for you. He's too lazy and too stupid to do anything for himself. No matter, there is nothing to find out about me.

As a thank you for Rick's lies, I would like to reacquaint everyone with Doll Boy's real brushes with the law. Yes, yes, Rick says he has never been convicted but plenty of criminals skate free. It is a bit bothersome that he has had so many brushes with the law considering he is a God fearing man and all.

Dyer skips out on his rent. This wasn't the last time he's done this.

EBay fraud. Dyer still says it wasn't his fault. It's never his fault. Why would a self admitted liar lie about this?

No "criminal" convictions but Dyer fails in civil court...more than once.

I'm sure this was another honest mistake.

Battery against a pregnant person, his wife. What kind of pussy hits a women?

Let me guess. This wasn't Rick's fault either.

At least Dyer had the balls to admit he's a cheater. Married three times, no surprise there. I'm sure there is truth in Andrew's allegations that Dyer was unfaithful more than once during his failed tour earlier this year. I see the woman in question is back to posting on Rick's fan page full of Turks and five English speaking (term used loosely) people.

Let's not forget the vendor in Daytona that Rick stiffed. The poor guy is still trying to sell those shirts. Nice, really nice.

Not so much as a speeding ticket, claimed Rick. LIAR.

Oh noes!! Not again. I bet this wasn't his fault though.

I haven't even gone in to the bogus DVD, 'After The Shot', the GoFundMe so Dyer could come to Canada. I'm still waiting lardass.

He ripped off and lied to children about his stuffed Bigfoot. He lied in television interviews, news reports and blog posts. The list is almost endless. Dyer leaves a wake of bullshit and misery where ever he goes.

Oh, before I go.  A reader pointed out something I completely missed. Did you guys see the stuffed teddy bear beside the tarpsquatch? It's fucking comical. Maybe it's a stuffed monkey, who knows. One thing for sure, neither one is a deceased Bigfoot.

Keep trying. Keep failing. Funniest shit ever.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Scamathon 2014/2015

I just finished watching Dyer's latest video and this one ranks up there as one of the worst. Rick struggled all the way through the video while he was hyping up his other Bigfoot doll. The acting was poor and the performance wasn't convincing. Doll Boy's heart just didn't seem to be in it.

All sorts of grand promises were made and those promises will likely go unfulfilled, as usual. Dyer says he is going to open a Bigfoot museum in Griffin. Will it be attached to a McDonald's and come equipped with a slide and foam pit for the kiddies?

Why is Rick opening a museum in Griffin when he has his house up for sale? I thought the half wit said he was moving back to Vegas? Rick better not have a hissy fit over this because he is the one who posted this on the internet.

Thanks to one of regulars for bringing this to our attention. House For Sale

Rick always likes to make huge promises. If you haven't seen this video of make believe, here it is.


I wonder if the new DVD will be as stellar as 'After The Shot'. That video sucked ass big time. It was one long, boring Google hangout, complete with Rick whining and lying all the way through it. Just the other day I got an email from a former supporter who said he did not get his DVD from Rick. Needless to say, the guy is not happy. He would be less happy if he actually got the DVD.

Dyer will be pre-selling his next lame DVD as well. If you're a Dyer fan, I urge you to NOT buy the DVD. It will be a complete waste of time and money. There is no real dead Bigfoot, just like there was no real dead Bigfoot last time.

Rick also has a new blog post up, bragging about another fantasy sell out show. Seriously, Rick, this is so 2012. Dyer also explains in his simple way why he can't show any clear photos of his tarpsquatch. Once again, a very weak excuse reminiscent of 2012.

"This is a prime example of how the truth prevails". Um... what is the example? Are the imaginary 300 ticket sales the example? Maybe it's the thing in the plastic?

Dyer will release shitty, blurry photos of a Bigfoot hanging upside down from a tree. He will release a photo of a Bigfoot strapped to the hood of his SUV and he will release photos of a Bigfoot on a cement slab, wrapped in plastic with bags of ice on it BUT he won't release CLEAR photos because it will cheapen their "discovery".

Does Rick think past the current sentence he types? I'm beginning to think not because only a total idiot would say what Rick said. He's already "cheapened" their pretend discovery. I'm surprised he didn't drag it with the FJ from the back forty to the front of Biff's yard. Those clowns didn't hike for hours in PA. The FJ was right there on site when they threw it on the roof. Why hike when you can drive, right?

His other excuse for not releasing a good photos is that the naysayers will lie and tear it apart. Does he mean how we lied about Hank and tore it apart? Oh, wait... we were RIGHT about that. Rick's ramblings are plum full of stupid, right to the top of the bowl.

The first part of Rick's post is my favourite because it's the funniest...well, it's funny to me.

Dyer said he sold 300 tickets in TWO days. The only way to buy tickets is to email Rick.

Let's say, on average it takes Rick two minutes to read each email. It would take Dyer ten (10) hours just to read all of the emails.

Just for argument sake, let's say everything goes smoothly and it takes ten minutes to process each ticket sale. Dyer is advertising that he accepts credit cards so he must have one of those portable Moneris machines. How else can he complete a transaction? Maybe he has a secret PayPal account. Oh, darn. PayPal won't have anything to do with Rick because of the last fraud fiasco.

300 transactions x 10 minutes per transaction would take Dyer 50 hours to complete. It's just like magic how he does it so effortlessly, isn't it?

I haven't even bothered to include Rick's time to reply back to 300 people but I bet it would take him a very long time.

Once Dyer reads this, he will probably make up some excuse that he was misunderstood or that he hasn't processed all of the pretend tickets he "sode". A sale isn't a sale until their is a receipt.

I very much doubt Rick sold 300 tickets. Maybe he sold three to the people who slept through 2012-2014.

It's so much fun watching Rick hang himself with his own lies and it's a pleasure to point them out.

Do yourselves a HUGE favour. Don't buy anything Rick is selling. There is no real dead Bigfoot. There will be no press conference, just like last time. Dyer has not found the Lord because if he did, he wouldn't be hoaxing again. Mark my words, this will come back to bite you if you  give Dyer any of your hard earned money. Go ahead, screen shot this and don't forget to take note of the date. If I'm wrong, come back here and throw it in my face.

We were not wrong last time and we won't be wrong this time.

This is actually kind of a non-hoax. It's just a big bag of lies. All we have seen is nothing. Three grown men playing with a furry doll and hoping to get rich is sad. Very sad.

One day Walter, Biff and Tim will feel the crushing weight of the Dyer bus, it's just a matter of time. Nobody is immune. Remember that.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Project Scamsquatch

A couple of friends have been working on a time line of Dyer's alleged trip to Pennsylvania and it is now finished.

After checking out Doll Boy's few postings and looking at photos, we came to the conclusion that Rick never went to PA and "killed" a Bigfoot. There simply was not enough time for everything to happen the way Rick said it did.

Reader request

This sorry excuse for a hoax appears to be going no where. I have heard that Walter Shrum did in fact go see the body BUT he only got to see it wrapped up in the blue tarp or poly. It would be extremely hard for Walter to say he saw a Bigfoot body if it's wrapped up. The best he could say is he saw a body shaped "thing".

I don't think Walter is a liar. I think he was hoodwinked by Dyer. Walter drove for four hours and Rick doesn't even let him see the body, uncovered. Typical Dyer.

I don't think Walter is part of this hoax but Fricke and Burk are eyeballs deep in it.

Head over to Project Scamsquatch to find out all of the details.

Now Dyer is saying there is another Bigfoot in Georgia. Of course all we have is a contrived story that Rick probably made up. Where ever Dyer goes, a Bigfoot is nearby. Does he really expect people to keep buying his bullshit?

The most elusive creature on the planet can't be found by real researchers but Doll Boy seems to find and kill one every time he goes camping in a back yard. If you believe that, then you'll believe anything.

Dyer's obscure photoshopped photos speak for themselves. If he has nothing to hide he would show multiple clear photos. So much for Dyer being transparent. He goes back on his word again and again. It has nothing to do with "haters". It has everything to do with the fact that Dyer doesn't have a real dead Bigfoot.